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Allah(SWT) Neutralizes Qadiani Plots Time and Time again

Mirza's Prophesy proved false:
"Kings will receive blessings (bara’kat) from your (Mirza’s) clothing."

Immediately after the Second World War, a severely weakened and battered Britain saw its direct influence around the world diminish.  Thus, another once mighty nation, which arrogantly had believed itself to be the lord of the worlds and oppressed millions, was brought down to its neeks by the Almighty Allah(SWT).  By the year 1965, the last remnants of the British Colonial powers had decaid under its weight and the British were forced to grant the country of Gambia its independence.

In a last ditched attempt to keep indirect control of the nation, the British abdicated rule in favor of one of their faithful supporters, Mr. Farman Sangat.  Mr. Sangat was a known Qadiani, who one year earlier had traveled to Rabwah, Pakistan, and given his oath of allegiance (bai’at) to Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood, the second head of the Qadiani Movement.  During the British rule, the Qadiani headquarters in Gambia had continually preached that obedience to the British Empire was an article of faith for every Muslim.  Now, as the eward for their unshakable support during the years, a Qadiani was appointed to the position of absolute Governor of that land.

Soon after, Mirza Nasir Ahmad succeeded his father to the leadership of the Qadiani movement and ordered his subject, the dictator of Gambia, to officially request for one of  Mirza Ghulam’s (the founder of the Qadiani movement and self-appointed prophet) old articles of clothing!  Mirza Nasir Ahmad did so to be able to claim that one of the prophecies of his grandfather, Mirza Ghulam, had come true.  This prophecy was that:

"Kings will receive blessings (bara’kat) from your (Mirza’s) clothing."

Upon receiving the written request, the Qadiani leadership boastfully published posters all over the world, announcing that the prophecy had come true, as the "king" of the country of Gambia had requested for such a piece of clothing!

The First Bara’kat of Mirza: However, the "blessing" of Mirza Ghulam proved to be very costly to the "king" of Gambia!  No sooner had the clothing reach Gambia that the people of that nation revolted against the British appointed ruler, toppled his regime, and threw him in prison.  It was fitting that Allah(SWT) once more shattered another calculated plot of the Qadiani leadership:

…They (the unbelievers) plot and plan, and Allah too plans;
but Allah is the best of planners.
(The Holy Quran, Al-Anfal, 8:30)

The Second Bara’kat of Mirza: Apparently, the "blessing" of the clothing of Mirza Ghulam still continues several decades later!  In the late 1997, the publicly elected President of the nation of Gambia, Mr. Yahya Abubakr, officially declared the country's Qadiani community a non-Muslim minority.

Through this historic decision, Allah(SWT) completely annihilated another one of the elaborated schemes of the Qadiani leadership.


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