[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Concensus of Scholars
By ahmadi_muslim @hotmail.com

Alhadulelah, I am a true Ahmadi Muslim.  For 100 years we
have shown evidence rejecting the so called "Finality of 
Prophethood", but you have not understood.

Many great scholars and mugiaddeds had the opinion that 
prophethood was not finished and disagreed with the mullahs
who invented this idea. Here are some of these past great 
scholars, that we Ahmadi Muslims agree with:

1. Hazrat Imam Shaikh Mohiyyiud-Din ibne Arabi, a distinguished
commentator of the Holy Quran states:

"From the study and contemplation of the Darud we have arrived
at the definite conclusion that there shall, from among the 
Muslims, certainly be persons whose status, in the matter of
prophethood, shall advance to the level of prophets, if Allah
pleases. But they shall not be given any book of law."
(Fatuhati Makiyyah: Vol 1. pg 545)

2. Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Qasim Nanotovi, the distinguished
founder of the Deoband Seminary stated:

"If a prophet appeared after the holy prophet, it would in 
no way affect his finality."
(Tahzirunnas, p. 28)

3. Hazrat Imam Abdul Wahhab She'raani, the reknown scholars,

"...prophethood has not been abolished and it is only 
law-bearing prophethood that is abolished."
(Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir: Vol. 3 pg. 35) 

4. The Muhaddith of Dehli, Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah Muhaddis,
the great reformer in Islam says:

"The meaning of the Holy Prophet being the Khataman Nabiyeen 
is that there shall not now appear a person whom God may 
appoint with a new Law for mankind, that is to say, there 
shall be no prophet who shall come with a new Law.' 
(Tafheemati Ilahiyyah pg. 53) 

is, nauzobelah, God dead that prophethood should finish?
Why should we not receive the benefit of new prophets and

I dare you to publish my response the way it appeared and
may the curse of Allah be upon the liars.

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