[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the Messenger of Allah(SAW)
By ahmadi_muslim @hotmail.com

More with this "Finality of Prophethood"!  Don't you see 
what not having the blessing of prophethood has done to
you non-Ahmadis?

Why do you not say the truth?  Here are just three examples
of hadith which reject your ideas.

1. Prophet(saw) said:

"If he (Ibrahim) had lived long, he must have become a
true prophet."	(Ibn Maja, Kitab-ul-Janaiz)

Obviously, there is no "Finality of Prophethood", else how
could Ibrahim become a prophet?

2. Hazrat Ayesha Al Siddeeqah's, who the prophet(saw) told
us to learn half our religion from, said:

"Say that he is the Seal of the Prophets, but do not say that 
there is no prophet after him."
(Takmilah Majma'ul Bihaar, p. 85)

Doesn't this prove that there is no "Finality of 

3. "I am the akhar of the prophets and my mosque is the
akhar of the mosques." (Sahih Muslim)

We Ahmadis believe that just like masjid nabi is not the
last mosque to be built, he is also not the last prophet.
The meaning of khatam in Quran is the same as akhar here.
Both mean, the best or the most exalted.

Please post my article as I sent you and may the curse
of Allah be upon the liars.

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