[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the
By Parvez @me.queensu.ca

Peace be on you and may you see the light.

> Don't send me al this BS. 

Please, watch your language. 

> Just think of your so called Ummah and her activities. 

I assume you mean you are out of the Ummah.
Or am I missing something?

> I don't believe on these hedith. I believe in solid character.

But the kind of language you started with certainly doesn't display a
solid character.  Does it?

> Do call me anything but don't try to  make  me believe that I would  join
> you.

No one will force you and no one certainly can do that.  It is upto you
but you are most welcome to join us and study the truth of Islam and the
falsehood of quadianism.

> You guys are the worst muslims on this earth and you  call yourseves the
> true followers of Hazrat Mohammad SAW.

Hazrat Mohammad SAW said that one of the signs of a Munafiq is that when
he argues, he uses abusive langauge.  If you think you are a true
follower, mind your langauge in future, whereever you are.

> Open your eyes and look around. Look around  all the times and see  and 
> then THINK.

Well, we do and we shall.  Perhaps you would like to reflect it on
yourself too.  Who knows you may see the light.

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May you love the truth and be a nice Muslim.

May the mercy of Allah(swt) be on you.

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