[qadianism] I need some answers
By Muzaffar, Ahmad @Gateway.com

Being a Muslim (non-Ahmadi) I need some answers for the following questions

1.	Why is it necessary for me to believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a
prophet in the light of Quran and Hadith?
2.	If, according to your belief, Hazrat Eissa (Ibn-e-Maryam) had died
what is the sense for him to come again?
3.	As told by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that he was Maseeh for Christians why
Christians were promised for a Massih to come again for them although he had
died. Was Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) not the promised Massih for Christians as
he should be. (Prove from Quran and Authenticated Hadith).
4.	Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Performed Hajj or Visited Mekkah, If not than
why? Also what about all of your caliphs including the current one ?
5.	What is your concept of Jihad?
6.   Did any one get any revelation between Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad? If not why? 

Aziz Ahmad Abbasi

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