[qadianism] A few Administrative Words
By irshad @irshad.org

Alhamdolellah, there has been much interest in this forum and we
have received a number of inquiries about the functionality of 
the "Qadianism" listserver.

This moderated listserver distributes apporoved articles to its
membership around the globe, via EMail.  The articles are also
cataloged on a web site, for those who prefer to read and reply
to them from their browser.

Below please find brief instructions on performing basic 
maintenance functions.

=============== Send / Receive Articles via EMail ===================
               TO                             SEND EMAIL TO
----------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Subscribe, Send a blank EMail to:    Qadianism-subscrib-@egroups.com 
Submit an Article, EMail to:         Qadianis-@egroups.com 
UnSubscribe, Send a blank EMail to:  Qadianism-unsubscrib-@egroups.com 
Reach the Moderator, send EMail to:  Qadianism-owne-@egroups.com 

To control the mode of deliver, browse to 
  http://www.egroups.com/list/Qadianism/ , under "Membership", 
click "Modify" to be taken to "Edit Subscription" page.

You may set your "Read Mode" to be:
  1. Receive individual EMails (as they are approved)
  2. Receive daily Summaries (receive an EMail per day consisting
     of the titles of all the articles approved that day)
  3. Receive daily full-text digest (receive an EMail per day,
     which includes all articles approved that day)
  4. Read it on the Web (no EMail notification is sent)

   ==================== Submit / Browse via Browser ====================
Browse to:              http://www.egroups.com/list/Qadianism/   

Under "Read Messages", click on "Read Most Recent Messages".
A list of available messages will be displayed in the left
panel.  Click on the name of a contributor below the article
you are interested in to have that posting displayed in the
right panel.

The menu on the top of the message allows you to "Reply" to 
an article and perform other operations.

Please help us make this a forum where the seekers of the truth
may research the evidence and reach the truth.

eGroup home: http://www.eGroups.com/list/qadianism