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In the name of Allah(SWT) and May peace and blessings 
be upon Rasulollah(SAW).

> "Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz" < Choudhr-@okay.net >   
> Well Kufar, who is allowed to say it???
> I never said to a Muslim even he is Shia or Sunni
> Kufar, so please correct you language, and learn
> from us Ahmadies, if you are in the position to
> learn something.

You must be congratulated for having decided not to call
Muslims kafir.  But respected friend, are you aware that
your leaders have routinely taken the opposite position?
Kindly, read the following quotes:

  "All those Muslims who do not enter the fold of the 
  Promised Messiah, whether or not they have heard of
  Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) are considered Kafirs
  and are beyond the pale of Islam."
  (Aeena-e-Sadaqat, P. 9/35, By Bashir-uddin Mahmud)

  "In Lucknow, I (Mir Mahmood Ahmad Qadiani) met a man
  who was a great scholar. He said: 'Those are your 
  enemies who make the propaganda that you condemn 
  people as infidels. I can not believe that such broad
  minded people as you are can indulge in such things.'
  The man was making this remark to Sheikh Yaqub Ali 
  Qadiani. I asked him to tell the man that we really
  believe them as infidels. The man was astonished to
  hear this."
  (Anwar-e-Khilafat, Miyan Mahmood Ahmad Qadiani)

  "Any person who believes in Moses but does not 
  believe in Christ, or believes in Christ but does
  not believe in Muhammad or believes in Muhammad 
  but does not believe in the Promised Messiah, is
  not only a Kafir, but he is a confirmed (Pakka) 
  Kafir, and out of the fold of Islam."
  (Kalimatul Fasl, P. 110, By Mirza Bashir Ahmad)

More Quotes may be found at:

The question then becomes, what do you think of sunnis 
and shias, even if you prefer not to say it openly to 
us?  Do you consider us Muslims?

If you believe we are not Muslim, then would it not be
better for us to be told the truth and be given the 
evidence, so that we may correct our ways?

> and again May Allah bless all Muslims and show us 
> the right path.


> I can only laugh about things what you guys says 
> about us.

Although laughing might be therapeutic and may help us
cope with evidence that we might not like, it is always
best to reflect upon about what is being said, specially
when it contains the words of Allah(SWT) and His Last 
Prophet, Muhammad(SAW).

Aren't those who allow their own desires and blind 
loyalty to the creed of their parents prevent them from
obeying the irrefutable decrees of Allah(SWT) and His 
Messenger(SAW) among the most unfortunate individuals?

> and Congratulation  the Pakistani Gov and the 
> Mullahs has change the name of Rabwa to NAWAN 
> QADIAN, LOL, have they nothing to do?? just see
> the position of Pakistan, is there any Islam in
> Pakistan, there was Islam but now, I doubt about
> it.  All the crimes, gangrapes etc. they canīt 
> change it but there are in the positin to change
> the name. WOW May Allah safe Pakistan from those
> people Ameen.

Alhamdolellah, there are tens of millions of very devote
and good Muslims in Pakistan.  Unfortunately, in every 
society a few misguided people commit visible crimes.  
Surely your statement is unfair, because the government
and the ulama have spoken against these ugly incidents 
and have been trying to take the necessary step to stop
such hideous crimes.

Nevertheless, this forum does not deal with topics of 
politics of any nation, as that would only serve to 
distract us from the issue at hand.

You mentioned the decision of the representatives of the
Pakistani people to change the name of Rabwah.  Around the
globe, governments routinely change the name of cities, 
roads, airports, and facilities, yet have you ever heard
an outcry over the decision to change a name?!

You might like to read our following press release to 
appreciate the position of the Muslims.


  "O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be 
   feared, and die not except as Muslims."
   (Holy Quran, Al-E-Imran, 3.102)

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