[qadianism] Re: negative evidence showing there can be no prophet
By Muzaffar, Ahmad @Gateway.com

Answer to the questions by Mr. Umar Asdil.
I received some sayings from another Ahmadi through this forum proving that
Muslim scholars did believe that their can be a prophet after Muhammad. I
hope that u will receive a lot of them.
What I want to say is that u r expecting Eissa (PBUH) to come according the
teachings of the Holy prophet (PBUH). So why don't u believe in it that he
has arrived. I think that the only thing that u should look for is the proof
that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is telling the truth or not.

I protest changing the name of Rabwah, as it is not legal to change the name
of a place without the consent of the residents.

Muzaffar Ahmad

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> Some questions to ask qadianis:
> 1. Allah mentioned the coming of prophets in earlier revelations. He
> didn't mention any such coming in all of the Holy Qur'an, revealed over a
> period of 22 years. Why?
> 2. There is voluminous evidence that  Rasulullah (s.a.w.) mentioned the
> coming of a reviver of religious sciences in each century; he also
> mentioned the return of Isa (p.b.u.h.). But there is no evidence that he
> ever mentioned the coming of a new prophet after him. Why?
> 3. There are no dua's to ask for the coming of a new prophet in times of
> trouble. Why?
> 4. Even in the worst of times, under the Mongol hordes, or other
> calamities, there is no evidence that any Muslim ever asked Allah to send
> us another prophet. Why?
> 5. For 1,300 years before the qadianis, no school of thought emerged among
> the Muslims that believed in the coming of a new prophet. Why?
> 6. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) mentioned specifically that he would be followed by
> 30 false prophets. He did not mention that even one true prophet would
> follow him, or provide us with any indication of how such a new prophet
> should evidence himself. Surely Rasulullah (s.a.w.) knew that telling us
> about many false prophets without telling us how to distinguish between
> the true and the false would confuse us. Unless, of course, there were no
> new prophets to come after him. Why?
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