[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the Messenger of Allah(SAW)
By Waqas Mahmood @home.com


>You mentioned the decision of the representatives of the
>Pakistani people to change the name of Rabwah.  Around the
>globe, governments routinely change the name of cities,
>roads, airports, and facilities, yet have you ever heard
>an outcry over the decision to change a name?!

I understand that this is off the topic and all but hey, are you gonna tell
me that goven. all over the world go ahead and change the names of cities
for no reason at all?? They name em after a great person, or an event and so
on.  And everyone in that city or Country is proud of that name . . . . . we
were proud of Rabwa and not that it's going to be a harmful to us by
changing the name but I ask you this . . . . .WHY?? what is the reason
behind changing the name?? The only reason i understand is that the goven.
can't do too much to us so they TRY and hurt us in anyway possible.
Actually I don't think we get hurt at all . . . . I mean, what's wrong with
NAWAN QADIAN??? but the point is WHY change it??

Faiza Upal wrote:
>So where exactly do you non-Ahmaddis get your quotes from?  Like all
>your hadith and stuff?

Well, let me ask you this . . . .WHERE DO YOU GET THEM FROM?????
And another question . . .where do you get OUR references from?? or should i
say that you make them up??


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