[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the
By Suheil Laher @alum.mit.edu

In response to the email below:

1) Please do not generalize.  The fact that there may exist some learned people
who act badly and do not practise their knowledge, does not mean all are that
way.  Apparently, you have yet to meet any of the `ulama'-e-Haqq.
2) Even if your claim were true:
"Say : Have you considered, if Allah destroys me and whoever is with me, then
who will save the unbelievers from a painful punishment?" [Surah al-Mulk]
Know also that every sin other than shirk/kufr can be forgiven, or at worst will
be paid for in Jahannam, whereas one who dies kafir/mushrik is not forgiven, and
will abide forever in Hell.
This is why Muslims are concerned for Qadianis.

May Allah guide those who seek guidance.



> Your practice is just the opposite what you mentioned below, giving me
> references from Quran and Sunnah. Etc.
> You Moulvis are the worst creature on this earth. I think Only Pakistan and
> India is quite enough for the rest of the world. Your so called Madresas are
> producing evils, by eating sadqa's of people.
> Why all this???? Because you deserve this...have yu ever seen any other name
> than Muslim eating other's flesh, taking bribe, snatching others belongings,
> properties, places of worships,
> Raping, stealing, in Pakistan????? No, because only Muslim bears this
> "MORAL" Character.
> You should read these verses to them, not to us, because we  don't belong
> to  above creed.
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>                 > Don't send me al this BS. Just think of your so called
> Ummah and her
>                 > activities. I don't believe on these hedith. I believe in
> solid character.
>                 > Do call me anything but don't try to  make  me believe
> that I would  join
>                 > you.
>                 I am afraid, as a Muslim, I can only admire and love the
>                 verses of the holy Quran and authentic hadith, no matter
>                 how different from my upbrining and personal ideas they
>                 might be.  Remember the story of Ibrahim(AS) from the holy
>                 Quran?  That's how a true Muslim is supposed to behave: be
>                 humble and submit to the Word of Allah(SWT) and His Last
>                 Messenger(SAW).
>                 Those who remain proud and arrogant in the face of clear
>                 truth will only harm their own soul and that of their loved
>                 ones.
>                 I am removing you from this discussion group.  You are
> always
>                 welcomed to rejoin by visiting:
>                    http://www.irshad.org/idara/
>                 May you find the courage to seek the truth.  May you come to
>                 experience love and fear of Allah(SWT), so that you choose
>                 not to shut your heart to the truth.

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