[qadianism] Finality of Prophethood - What is Qadiani View
By irshad
3:16 pm

We have been receiving many diverse and often unclear statements
on the position of Qadiani Movement on the Khatame-Nabuwwat. Some
Qadianis have claimed that there is no such a thing as "Finality 
of prophethood", others have expressed the opinion that only a 
special kind of prophethood continues.

So that no one misunderstands the position of the Qadiani Mission,
would some of the more knowledgeable individuals kindly provide a 
clarification of their position?  To distinguish between personal 
opinion and that of their founders, I hope that everyone will 
include references to the writings of Qadiani scholars.

What do Qadianis claim to be the position of Qadiani Movement
on the Finality of Prophethood?

Thank you.

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