[qadianism] Re: I need some answers
By Farhan Qureshi
6:37 pm

Aziz: You second question: If Isa died why should he come again?? That
is what we are asking you all non-Ahmadis.... According to the Qur'an
Isa (as) is dead: Thus He can-not come back. An other person in his
spirit can. You non-Ahmadis say that Isa will come back and kill all
the swine, kafirs etc etc. How??? It is impossible for one individual
to do so. The Qur'an clearly says.. that Isa is the was only for the
Israelis, and their lost tribes: not for the world. So why would he
come for the world when it says that he was sent to the Israelites???
And unstead of Isa coming from the Sky, why did not God decide to send
Hadhrat Muhammad (SAW), Al Khatuman Nabiyyan to come from the Sky...
obviously a sky decension would show that he is bringing true Iman???
And why does the Qur'an and Hadith all point to the fact the Isa is
indeed dead. And another shall come in his spirit. In the Injeel  Isa
(as) explains, that just as John the Baptist (Hadhrat Yahya) came in
spirit od Ezra: Another shall come in his spirit. Once dead: cannot
return!!!!!: Second why should you accept the Messiah???? When The
Qur'an says if you reject any messenger of Allah (swt), or his signs
you shall enter the gates of Hell. Especially when he continues to
show you. And the Hadith and Qur'an are evidence to him. Read the
following page:'sdeath.html

---"Muzaffar, Ahmad" < > wrote:
> Being a Muslim (non-Ahmadi) I need some answers for the following
> 1.	Why is it necessary for me to believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a
> prophet in the light of Quran and Hadith?
> 2.	If, according to your belief, Hazrat Eissa (Ibn-e-Maryam) had died
> what is the sense for him to come again?
> 3.	As told by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that he was Maseeh for Christians why
> Christians were promised for a Massih to come again for them
although he had
> died. Was Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) not the promised Massih for
Christians as
> he should be. (Prove from Quran and Authenticated Hadith).
> 4.	Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Performed Hajj or Visited Mekkah, If not
> why? Also what about all of your caliphs including the current one ?
> 5.	What is your concept of Jihad?
> 6.   Did any one get any revelation between Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and
> Ghulam Ahmad? If not why? 
> Aziz Ahmad Abbasi

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