[qadianism] Re: Regarding Views/Quotations on Finality of Prophet
By Abdul Aziz
6:34 pm


Mr Suheil: I have four complete references indicating that many well known
past scholars have interpretted 'khatam an nabiyyeen" as the last law
bearing prophet. One is a complete book by Maulana Nanautvi and other are
a number of pages in each case to show the reference to the context.
Ahmadis have not interpretted any one of them. They are explicitly clear.
If you are in the U.S. I can mail them to you. (2). Your idea that  some
of the past well recognized Muslim scholars should be declared as kafirs
for their (in your opinion) incorrect interpretation does not have merit.
To do so would imply that you are a more learned person than those
scholars. Do you have any logical argument to prove that? Also remember
even the offically published Quran by Saudi Govt. translates khata an
nabiyyeen as the seal of prophets and not the last. So do many other
translations. You cannot declare a person a kafir for not conforming to
your opinion. Every body would appreciate if you could ask the Saudi Govt.
to explain why they don't translate 'khatam an nabiyyeen' as the last

Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Suheil Laher wrote:

> Praise be to Allah.
> It is proposed by some that there is no consenus on the Finality of
> Prophet.  In order to cast light on the matter under examination, it is
> useful to acquaint oneself with the position of consensus in matters of
> Islamic creed.
> May Allah guide you to felicity!  Know that the religion of Allah is
> based on the Majestic Qur'an, which in turn establishes, and confirms
> the rational necessity of the obligation of following the Prophetic
> Sunnah.  These two sources, the Book of Allah and Sunnah of His
> Messenger, are the Clear Matter, and are the foundation of the creed;
> people do not go astray as long as they hold fast to them.  There is no
> sanctity, in Islam, of men and their opinions if they go against these
> sources.  The enactment of consensus (ijma`) in matters of belief serves
> merely as a reinforcement of the textual proof in the Qur'an and Sunnah.
> Getting now to the purported quotes from certain renowned Muslim
> scholars (and other more controversial personages), which Qadianis
> adduce as support for their position against the Finality of
> Prophethood:
> Firstly : those quotations should be checked, and examined in the
> context of the complete texts and the entire works of the authors in
> question, to determine whether they did in fact intend what the Qadianis
> claim.
> and secondly : even if it were to be postulated that any such quotes
> were accuarate, this would be of no benefit to the Qadiani argument.
> Any 'scholar' who made such a claim would similarly be kafir, for
> contradicting the clear and decisive proofs of the Qur'an and Sunnah,
> and for resisting that which is necessarily known to be part of the
> religion.
> And Allah is the Guide to the Straight Path.
> Peace be upon whomever follows the Guidance.
> Suheil

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