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Dear Readers of [Qadianism]
Assalamo alaikum

I have been a member of this [Pakistan Forum]. Some of the
Qadianis/Ahmadis are actively posting material on it. After
just one post, I was banned from posting on this
forum. If any of you are a member of this forum, kindly post
the following response:

===My response===========================

 pakista-@webs.com.pk  wrote:

The following new message has been posted on Pakistan
Forum at  <http://webs.com.pk/pakistan/forum/index.cgi> in
to your message.

MESSAGE #9095:  Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not a
hypocrite !!!
AUTHOR:  Attia Ahmad-Hüb < majf.ahma-@rhein-main.net >
DATE:  Saturday, 6 February 1999, at 3:57 a.m.

Response To #9087:  Re: What is the definition of a
Author:  Dr. Rashid
Date:  Saturday, 6 February 1999, at 2:23 a.m.

Dear Mr Attia and others on this forum
Assalamo alaikum 

I am tyring to post my response to your post but I have been
banned from posting on this forum. It seems that I am not
allowed to post anything from the books of Mirza Ghulam
Ahmad Qadiani, where as Islam-bashing and Pakistan-bashing
are allowed by Qadianis/Ahmadis and their sympethisers.
Naturally in such an atmosphere, they wouldn't like anyone
to post material exposing the facts about this Jama'at or
its founder.

Following is my response to your post Mr Attia. You wrote:

>Dear Dr. Rashid,

>how about you swearing on the Holy Qur-an that your
>attitude and your belief
>about Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is correct.

Yes I swear upon Holy Quran that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani
has commited all these four sins and therefore in the light
of Hadith of Holy
Prophet Muhammad SAAW he was a Perfect Hypocrite.

>To do such kind of an oath is not
>a play, I think you know that, still any Ahmadi Muslim in
>the world would
>immediately swear this because it is the truth that Hazrat
>Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
>was a prophet, the Mahdi and Messiah and that he indeed
>did never commit nor
>any of the sins mentioned in this hadith nor any other sin
>and that he was not a hypocrite!!!

Of course I know the significance, importance and
implications of taking such an oath on Holy Quran. 

For your information, over the years I have repeatedly
challenged Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, the Fourth Khalifa of
Mirza Ghulam, to do mubahila on this point (Perfect
Hypocrite) but he has not even acknowledged the reciept of
it, let alone accepting it. I have yet to come across a
Qadiani/Ahmadi who is willing to do that. You can see the
details of this challenge on my website at

>Can you give any evidence that your accusations about
>Hazrat Mirza Ghulam
>Ahmad are in any way correct? Try to find any moment or
>incident of his life
>that could support your accusations!

Do you think I would say such a big thing without any proof?

Here is my proof. I will restrict myself to one example
each, there are plenty more where it came from - the books
of Mirza Ghulam:

The Lies of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani

"Mahdi is not anyone’s student. I swear that this is exactly
my condition Nobody can prove that any human has taught me
Quran …….”
(Roohani Khazain Vol 14  p. 394 by Mirza Qadiani)

"At 10 years of age an Arabic Teacher was appointed for me
whose name was Fazal Ahmed ….and when I was 17 -18 years of
age I was
educated by another Molvi Saheb whose nem was Gul Ali Shah,
who was appointed by my father in Qadian to teach me.”
Khazain Vol 13. P. 180)

"When I was 6-7 years old a person teacher was employed for
me who taught me Holy Quran….. and his name was Fazal
Ilahi.” (Roohani
Khazain Vol 13. P. 180)

The Embezzlement of Money & The Broken Promises

Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani announced in 1879 that God has
appointed him to prove the truthfulness of Islam. For this
purpose he advertised that
he is going to write a book, Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, in 50
volumes. But since he was a poor man, he appealed for money!
He advertised for
Muslims to come forward and purchase the book in advance. He
promised to send them the volumes as soon as they are
(Majmooa-e-Ishtehaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1

Muslims generously contributed and purchased the book in
advance as is mentioned in the initial volumes of
Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. However
after publishing 4 volumes in the next 4 years, the reality
dawned on him. Now for the rest of his life probably he
would be writing,     publishing
and distributing Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya - a book for which he
has already recieved advance payments. In other words no
further hope of
monetary gain. He stopped writing the book. Despite protests
from buyers who had made advance payments or had made
contributions for this book. He said:

“Now God is the real and apparent incharge and caretaker of
this book and I have no idea how many volumes of it
(Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya ) He
is going to publish it.” ( Roohani Khazain Vol 1 P. 47)

Years went by and Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani, the so-called
promise. For the
next 23 years he wrote, published and sold some 80 other
books. Fifth volume of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya was not published
until after 23 years.
However if someone expected Mirza Ghulam to be remorseful
about breaking his promises and embezzling the funds given
to him, then he can
just forget it. On the contrary he wrote in the preface of
this 5th volume:

"At first I had intended to write 50 parts, but I contended
with writing 5 and since the difference between 50 and 5 is
that of a mere ZERO,
therefore my promise is fullfilled by writing 5 volumes.”
(Roohani Khazain Vol 21. P.9)

Mirza Ghulam's Abusive Language for his Opponents

"Molvis are liars and like dogs eat the dead meat of
falsehood." (Roohani Khazain vol.11 p.309)

"Except for the children of prostitutes, whose hearts have
been sealed by God, everyone else has accepted me and attest
to my
prophethood." (Roohani Khazain vol.5 p. 547)

"Enemies have become swines of our jungle and their women
have (become ) worse than bitches.”     (Roohani Khazain
vol. 14 p.53)

"Abdul Haq Ghaznavi writes repeatedly that in the prophecy
of Atham, (christian) priests have won, what can I say in
reply except: O Badzaat
(despicable)! Jewish Natured! The face of priest have been
blackened and so is yours ..... O Khabees! How long are you
going to live? ...
especially on this Head of Dajjals and his entire group, ONE
MILLION shoes of the Curses of Allah may afflict them. O
Dirty Dajjal ! Prejudice
has blinded you." (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain
vol.11 p.329)

"O Barbarian of some Jungle!.... to hide the truth you have
eaten this Iguana of falsehood... O badzaat (despicable),
Khabees (evil)! Enemy of
Allah and Rasool! You have done this Jewish alteration ...
but your lie O Worthless has been caught.... the day when
all these things
(regarding Mohammadi Begum's prophecy) are fulfilled, then
on that day would these stupid remain alive? ... There won't
be any place for them
to run and their noses would be cleanly cut (they would be
humiliated) and the black spots of disgrace will turn their
MANHOOS (accursed)faces like those of pigs and
(Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol.11 p.334-337)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sent some thousand curses on some of the
Christians. This is nothing unusual, he had always been very
quick with his cursing like a machine gun. But this time he 
really went over board. He literally enumerated these curses
1 - 1000 in his book Noor-ul-Haq!
           (Roohani Khazain vol. 8 pp 158-162)

I hope that this would suffice.

>Besides, you say yourself that according to the Holy
>Qur-an only Allah knows
>what is in the hearts so only Allah knows who is a real
>hypocrite, so how can
>YOU say anything about anybody, are you in the position to
>judge the belief of
>Ahmadis, their recitation of the Kalima ? Did you get any
>sign from Allah that
>told you about Ahmadis being hypocrites?

The verse that I have produced proves that there are people
who claim that they are reciting the Kalima, and Allah says
they are liars, they are
hypocrites. Do you agree on that or not?

Next point is that Holy Prophet SAAW has given us the
yardstick to judge who is a PERFECT HYPOCRITE. Now I am not
concerned with Ahmadis, I am concerned with Mirza Ghulam
whose writings are available for scrutiny. It is not that I
am trying to read that is in the heart of Mirza Ghulam. His
writings give us the clear proof that he qulaifies for the
title of PERFECT HYPOCRITE. Now if Mirza Ghulam proves to be
a liar, an embezzler, a flouter of his promises and a man
who has abused his opponents, then you can realise that he
can never be even a decent man let alone what he claims to
be viz. prophet or messiah or mahdi.

>There are many verses in the Holy Qur-an and many Hadith
>of the Holy Prophet
>Mohammed (saws) in which the arrival of the Promised
>Messiah, Hazrat Mirza
>Ghulam Ahmad, is mentioned.

Please enlighten me with those verses and Hadith which have
mentioned the arrival of 'Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, as The
Promised Messiah'.

>The signs that would be proof for his arrival are
>mentioned and already became visible to everybody, you
>just need to open your eyes and your heart for the truth.
>May Allah guide you. We pray for you and you should do that,

May Allah show all Qadianis/Ahmadis what is right and what
is wrong and then give them the courage to follow the right
path. Ameen.

>Attia Ahmad-Hübsch

[Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find

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