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> Farhan
> Dear Irshad,There is no finality of Prophet hood, meaning that
> Prophethood can continue, but only the prophethood without Law.
> Thus prophethood is not gone, ie there is no finality. But the
> Seal or Al Khatam, means that the prophethood which has ended 
> in indeed the prophethood with law. With the holy Prophet of 
> Islam; Muhammad Mustufa (saw) as the greatest Prophet the one
> whom has brought the perfect religion of Islam, and the perfect
> law of the Qur'an.Wasslaam,Farhan
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Dear brother Farhan,

I was hoping that you would have provided references to the
writings of your founders, as I had requested.  As you know,
the Prophet(SAW) has warned us of the time when scholars 
[anyone who issues his own idea and claims to be qualified to
do so is claiming to be a scholar] who speak without proof and
try to divide the people will be committing great sin [He(SWT)
calls them as worst of creatures].  I hope that we all take 
heed of this warning of Rasulollah(SAW), the last of the 
Prophets, and avoid saying things without proof.

If you, and others, believe that the Qadiani Mission represents
"True Islam" and is solely blessed by divine revelation and 
guidance, then you should be eager to spread the teachings of 
your leadership and not your personal opinion.  Is that not a 
fair statement and expectation?

I hope you notice how I, and other Muslims, constantly refer to 
the holy Quran, hadeeth, opinion of Sahaba(RAs), Ijma of scholars,
etc.  We are trying to be among those whom the Prophet(SAW) said
will always adhere to the Truth and be guided.  We avoid mixing
personal conjecture and submit to whatever Allah(SWT) and His
Messenger(SAW) have said: that is the straight path.

Why then those who claim to be in advantage by having a "Khalifa",
appear to only speak without quoting their leaders?  Where is the
"blessing" and the "guidance", if everyone of their followers only
provides his/her own opinion and sees no need to make any reference
to the alleged guidance?

Dear brother, I was once, even if it might be hard to imagine, a
young man:  I hope you do not take my brotherly advice as an 
attempt to humiliate or put down anyone.  That would only lead to
hardening of the hearts, so that one is no longer able to think 
with an open mind and follow his/her God-given faculty of 
reasoning.  The way of Allah(SWT) is so unique: people who follow
such a path and divide themselves from the ummah are condemned to

Since, being so young, you might not have had the opportunity to
read the original writings of your leaders, allow me to give you
a starting hand.  I hope you do not mind:

Mirza Bashiruddin, the second so called Khalif of the Mission,
and son of Mirza Ghulam wrote:

  "I believe there are three kinds of prophets.  
   1. Those who bring shariah; 
   2. Those who did not bring new shariah and got nabuwwat 
      directly and worked the job of first ummah, just like
	  Sulaiman, zakarria or Yahya(AS).
   3. Those who did not bring shariah and did not receive 
      prophethood directly, but are the followers of a 
	  previous Nabi." (Ghole Fasal, p 14)

Mirza Bashir Ahmad, M.A., has written:

  "At this point, you should remember that Prophethood has 
   different kinds.  Since the beginning, three kinds of 
   nabuwwat has appeared:
   1. Tashree'e Nabuwwat: Promised Messiah called this Tashree'e 
      Nabuwwat real (haqiqi) prophethood.
   2. The kind which is neither Tashree'e nor haqiqi.  This type
      of prophethood, according to the sayings of the promised
      Messiah, is an independent (mostaqel) prophethood.
   3. Zilli or Ummati Nabi: On the advent of huzoor(SAW), the
      door to independent and real prophethood has been closed.
      And zilli (shadowy) has been opened."
   (Maslah Kofro-Islam chi Haqeeqat, p .31)
would you like to revise your statement or present proof to the
contrary?  Obviously, these high level leaders of your movement
disagree with your statement.  They say Messengers (rosol), or
prophets with Shariah, have ended; prophets (nabi) who received
prophethood from Allah(SWT) have also ended.  Only a special 
and new category of prophets, "zilli" or "ummati", according to
them, will continue.

According to Mirza Bashi Ahmad, the door to "zilli" or "ummati"
prophets was opened, after the death of Muhammad(SAW); while the
door to "Tashree" (rasul) and "mostaqel" (nabis without laws)
prophets, who used to be sent prior to him(SAW), has been closed.

Is this not a fair understanding of the real stated position 
of the Mission?

Thank you.
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