[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Concensus of Scholars
By irshad @irshad.org

Dear friend,

There have been a number of individuals alleging a disagreement
between Muslim Scholars of worth on the question of the Finality
of Prohethood.  In all years of my studies, I have never read or
heard of any Scholar who had a different opinion than the one 
shared by the ummah, that hazrat Muhammad(SAW) was the absolute 
Last Prophet to be commissioned to mankind.

Are you willing, before Allah(SWT) to swear that you have actually
read the books of the scholars you have mentioned and that what 
you have alleged accurately represents their point of view?  If you
have not read the books yourself, would you kindly tell us the 
name of the individual whose writings you are relying on?

As you know, it is extremely easy for people with special motives
to falsely attribute things to others, hoping that some careless
individuals may, out of loyalty to the movement they have been 
born into or, perhaps, because they mistakenly believe to be 
serving Islam, to spread the falsehood.  As Allah(SWT) has advised
the believers, we are to verify such allegations.

I believe this is a perfectly reasonable request, and Islamically
allowed.  However, none of our Qadiani brothers appears to be
forthcoming with this information.  I hope you will reply.

Thank you.

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> Many great scholars and mugiaddeds had the opinion that 
> prophethood was not finished and disagreed with the mullahs
> who invented this idea. Here are some of these past great 
> scholars, that we Ahmadi Muslims agree with:
> 1. Hazrat Imam Shaikh Mohiyyiud-Din ibne Arabi;
> 2. Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Qasim Nanotovi;
> 3. Hazrat Imam Abdul Wahhab She'raani;
> 4. The Muhaddith of Dehli, Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah Muhaddis;

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