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Farhan Qureshi wrote:

> If Isa died why should he come again?? That is what we are asking you all
> non-Ahmadis.... According to the Qur'an Isa (as) is dead: Thus He can-not
> come back.

First of all - the Qur'an does not state emphatically that he died.-
"mutawaffeeka" (used in the Qur'an, and cited by Qadianis in favor of their
argument) does not necessarily mean 'cause you to die.'
- The tafseer attributed to Ibn `Abbas (mutawaffeka : mumeetuka) appears in
Sahih al-Bukhari, _but_ as ta`leeq (without an isnad).  It is well known that
the ta`leeq od Bukhari is not all authentic; it must be examined further.
Hafiz Ibn Hajar has a large work "Taghleeq al-Ta`leeq" in which he traced the
chains of narration for the ta`leeq of Bukhari.  The saying in question
(attributed to Ibn `Abbas) does not have a reliable isnad.  Furthermore, it
appears out of sequence, which casts further doubts on its reliability.
- Even if we accept this tafseer : the verse of the Qur'an does not establish
that he has already died : "mutawaffeeka" _can_ mean "I will cause you to die,"
but in the light of all the evidence, this could be taken as being at some
point in the future, after the Second Coming.

Secondly : even if we were to accept that `Isa (`alayhis-salam) has died, this
does not rule out the Second Coming.  There are numerous verses of the Qur'an
which tell us of Allah's power to give life to the dead.  So, even it were to
be established that he died, what is to prevent Allah from bringing him back to
life and sending him back to the earth?  Read and learn from the book of your
"[Have you not considered] he who passed by a city which had fallen into utter
ruin; he said, 'How will Allah revive this after its death?'  So, Allah caused
him to die for a hundred years, and then raised him up." [Qur'an, 2:259]
"Have you not considered those who emerged from their homes in their thousands,
fearing death?  So, Allah told them, 'Die!' and then gave them life." [Qur'an,

> You non-Ahmadis say that Isa will come back and kill all
> the swine, kafirs etc etc. How??? It is impossible for one individual
> to do so.

Who said he will kill _all_ kafirs, or _all_ swine?  What we say is that among
his activities after his return will be the killing of pigs and killing some
unbelievers (including the Dajjal).  Similarly, we say he say he will invite
people to Islam, but this does not mean he will personally invite each and
every person alive at that time.  Besides, it is possible that he _could_
perform supernatural acts by the permission of Allah.  We do know, for example,
that he will pray to Allah against Ya'juj and Ma'juj, such that they will all
die at once as a result of an affliction by a type of worm in their necks.

> The Qur'an clearly says.. that Isa is the was only for the
> Israelis, and their lost tribes: not for the world. So why would he
> come for the world when it says that he was sent to the Israelites???

The Qur'an also prophesies that he will speak to MANKIND, in the cradle, and IN
MIDDLE AGE (kahlan = after 40 years).  The speaking in the cradle is well-known
- it is his first miracle.  But the second part is yet to be fulfilled.  When
Jesus (`alayhis-salam) was lifted from this world, he was 33 years old, as
reported by Ibn Katheer and others.  Hence, it will be fulfilled when he
returns.  Also, the verse tells us that he will speak to mankind; not just to
the Israelites (to whom he was sent, as you mentioned too).  This indicates to
us that he will not deal exclusively with Bani Isra'il after his return.  This
is quite understandable, for although he is still a prophet, he will not be
coming in the capacity of a prophet.  He will come as a follower of the
Shari`ah of Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him).

> And unstead of Isa coming from the Sky, why did not God decide to send
> Hadhrat Muhammad (SAW), Al Khatuman Nabiyyan to come from the Sky...
> obviously a sky decension would show that he is bringing true Iman???

In the same way, one could ask : why was not Muhammad (peace and blessings upon
him) born without a father?  It is not for us to question the decree of Allah.
The attitude of believers should be, 'We have heard, and we obey' (sami`naa wa
aTa`naa), and 'We believe, and we affirm' (aamannaa wa-Saddaqnaa).
Furthermore, the Descent of the Messiah is one of the major signs of the Day of
Judgement.  The major signs are supernatural events which occur very close to
the end of the world.  The faith of someone who only believes after seeing such
things may not be acceptable, as indicated by the Qur'an.
"On the day when some of the signs of your Lord come, faith will not benefot a
soul which had not believed before, or earned good in its [state of] iman."
[Qur'an, 6:158]

> And why does the Qur'an and Hadith all point to the fact the Isa is
> indeed dead.

It seems you have not had much exposure to Hadith, and/or that you have been
seeing only selective texts and/or imterpretations which are such as they
distort the truth.  Please, read and investigate further.  The hadith
literature contains explicit mention of the fact that Sayyidina `Isa has not
died.  e.g. on the authority of Hasan Basri, that the Prophet said to the Jews
: "Indeed, Jesus has not died, and indeed, he will return to you before the Day
of Arising." [exact reference available upon request]

> And another shall come in his spirit. In the Injeel  Isa
> (as) explains, that just as John the Baptist (Hadhrat Yahya) came in
> spirit od Ezra: Another shall come in his spirit.

Muslims cannot use the Old or New Testaments as proof, because it is well known
that they have been corrupted.

> Once dead: cannot return!!!!!:

Already refuted above.

> Second why should you accept the Messiah???? When The
> Qur'an says if you reject any messenger of Allah (swt), or his signs
> you shall enter the gates of Hell.

If by "the Messiah' you mean "Jesus, son of Mary, the Israelite" then the
warning about rejecting a Messenger of Allah is well-placed, for to reject the
correct belief about a messenger is tantamount to rejecting the messenger
himself.  However, if you mean by "the Messiah" : Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, then you
should appreciate that to accept a false prophet is just as serious as
rejecting a true prophet.    Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him)
has confirmed emphatically that there is no new prophet or messenger.  And
furthermore, every true prophet has at least one convincing miracle,
accompanied by exemplary character and morals.

And Allah is the guide to the Straight Path.

Imam Ahmad used to pray, "O Allah!  Whoever of this ummah is not on the truth,
but thinks he is on the truth, put him on the truth, so that he can be of the
People of Truth."


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