[qadianism] Re: I need answer.
Suheil Laher @alum.mit.edu

> 1. Is Hazrat Isa Died or still living, give me proof from Quran and Hadith?

He is alive.  Please see my earlier message of today.

> 2. If he is living then when he will back again?

Allah knows best.  It will be approximately seven years after Imam Mahdi
appears, and after the Dajjal (the False-Messiah : the greatest tribulation of
all times) will have emerged.

> 3. And when he come back how I get to know where is he?

He will descend on the shoulders of two angels, in the Shaam area.  He will
then go out after the Dajjal, until he overtakes him at Lud (Palestine) and
kills him.  After Ya'juj and Ma'juj emerge, he will isolate himself, along with
a group of Muslims, at Mount Tur.  After Ya'juj and Ma'juj are destroyed, they
will emerge.  He will perform Hajj and/or Umrah.  He will marry and have
children.  He will die and be buried in Medina, next to Prophet Muhammad (peace
and blessings upon him).  All thse facts are detailed in the ahadith.

> Khuda Hafiz

May Allah protect you and guide you in your search for truth.


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