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Br. Farhan,

The hadeeth reads:

  "How can perish the Ummah of which I am at the beginning
   and Jesus, son of Mary, is at the end."
   (Hakim and Nasai)
In your opinion, was Mirza Ghulam the "Jesus, son of Mary",
the Messenger of Allah(SAW) spoke of?!!  Leaving aside the 
obvious problem all Muslims will have with such a comparison
and belief, how was Mirza Ghulam the end of the ummah of
Muhammad(SAW)?  What does this hadeeth do to your claim that
prophethood will continue?

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> Asslaamo Alaikum
> You do not Understand: There can be no Prophet in-between The Holy
> Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the Promised Messiah (as). That is why The
> Holy Prophet Said: How can The Ummah fail when I am at one end and the
> Messiah is at the other. (Muslim)

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