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By Abdul Aziz @axe.humboldt.edu

Mr. McKlosky: Dr. Siddiqi is a Ph. D. in religion. The professors who
taught him may have been Jewish, christians or Muslims. I have been in
touch with Dr. Siddiqi. He refuses to acknowledge a statement by Maulana
Nanautvi that 'coming of another prophet during or after the life of
Prophet Muhammad will not negate khatam an nabiyyeen'. I sent him the
original writing, published by a non-Ahmadi publishing house. So please
before you bring him as a witness of last resort, think what I wrote.

On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Umar Aadil Abdul Rahman McKloskey wrote:

> Source: Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Pakistan Link
> The Second Coming of Jesus
>      Q. We as Muslims are supposed to believe that Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ) -peace be upon him- shall
>      return towards the end of time. Now why do we believe that he (P) shall return to help Muslims, since my
>      understanding is that according to the Qur'an our religion is complete and we cannot add or subtract? The
>      Qur'an only states in one place that "He (Jesus) shall be a sign (Surah 43) and that too is in brackets
>      in Yusuf Ali's translation but not in Maudoodi's meaning of the Qur'an. Please enlighten us on this issue.=20
>      A 1. I have several old and new editions Yusuf Ali's translation of the Qur'an. In his translation of 43:61, I did not
>      find the word "sign" in brackets in any edition. Maulana Maududi has also written an excellent commentary on this
>      subject. At the end of his commentary on Surah al-Ahzab (33) he also wrote a long supplement on "The Truth about
>      the Promised Masih". Please read that chapter. It is very useful. 
>      Now let me briefly explain what are the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah on the Second Coming of Jesus.
>      Concerning Jesus Allah says in the Qur'an, "He was no more than a servant whom We had favored and We made
>      him an example to the Children of Israel=85. And He shall be a sign for the Hour (of Judgment), therefore have no
>      doubt about it and follow me. This is a straight way." (Al-Zukhruf 3:59-61) It is reported in the authentic
>      collections of Hadith by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim that the Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- said,
>      "Soon the Son of Mary will descend among you as a just judge. He will break the cross, kill the pig, remove the
>      Jizyah and the wealth will overflow so much that no one will take it, and until the prostration (al-Sajdah) will be
>      better than the world and whatever is in it. Then Abu Hurairah said, 'Read if you wish, 'And there is none of the
>      People of the Book but must believe in him before his death and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness on
>      them.'" (al-Nisa' 4:159) Imam Muslim has reported that the Prophet -peace be upon him- said, "How (happy) will
>      you be when the Son of Mary will come down among you and your Imam will be from amongst you." In another
>      Hadith it is said, "A group of my Ummah will continue fighting for the truth and will be victorious until the Day of
>      Resurrection. Then Jesus son of Mary will come down and their (Muslim's) leader will say, 'Come and lead our
>      prayer', but he will say, 'No, you have your leaders among you. This is the honor of Allah for this Ummah." It is also
>      reported by Imam Muslim that Jesus will fight the Dajjal (a demonic figure who will pretend to be the Masih and will
>      deceive many people) and will kill him at the gate of Ludd near the city of Jerusalem.
>      The Second Coming of Jesus is clearly established from the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah. We Muslims should not
>      have any doubt about this matter. The Ahadith make it very clear that:
>         1.Jesus will descend (yanzil) and will not be born. Thus any one who will be born and will grow up in front of
>           the eyes of his contemporaries and then will claim that he is the Promised Masih, he will be misusing these
>           Ahadith and misleading the people.
>         2.Jesus' coming will be "a sign of the approaching Day of Judgment". If any one made a claim of being the
>           Masih while the Day of Judgment did approach, neither in his life nor soon after him, then it is proved that he
>           was a false pretender and not a true Messiah.
>         3.Jesus will not come to add or subtract anything from Islam. He will not claim himself to be a new Prophet or
>           Messenger. He will not even lead a prayer of Muslims, he will follow in prayers the Ameer or Imam of
>           Muslims. If any one claimed to be the Messiah and led the prayers of Muslims then that person, according to
>           the Ahadith, will not be a true Masih.
>         4.Jesus will be a just judge. He will make right judgment between the truth and falsehood. He will break the
>           cross, kill the pig and will remove the Jizyah. This means that he will correct the false doctrines and beliefs that
>           are spread about him and about his teachings among his followers and many of them will follow him and thus
>           the followers of the Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Jesus -peace be upon both of them- will be united into
>           one Ummah and there will be no need for Jizyah.
>         5.Jesus will fight the Dajjal and will kill him near Jerusalem. He will not say that Qital is abolished and is not
>           necessary any more.
>      We do not know when Jesus will come, but he will surely come. It is important to believe whatever Allah has said in
>      the Qur'an and whatever is explained in the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet -peace be upon him. May Allah keep
>      us on the right path.

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