[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the Messenger of Allah(SAW)
By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

Assalaamo Alaikum:
La haula wa la quata!! Astughfaullah!!! Nadho Billah!!!! No one has
minipulated my-self: But I have been guided by Allah (SWT), by the
grace of Allah (SWT), I am a fully dedicated Muslim, I even wear my
Muslim Head Dress or Kuffi, at school, that is how dedicated to Allah
(SWT) I am. I am also the President of the Islamic Community of my
School. Do not tell me the Ahmadiyya Muslim comminty has minipulated
me: but I am self dedicated and fully aware of the beliefs of the Anti
Ahmadiyya, and Ahmadiyya Movement. I even made Dr. Sayed Rashid Ali
silent after an e-mail. Alhamdulillahe Rabil Alameen. 
May allah (SWT) guide us All.  

---Irshad < irsha-@irshad.org > wrote:
> On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:
> > Well Mr. Irshad, my Ahamdie Brother has seen the truth already,
even he is
> > Ahmadie By Birth with the grace of Allah. so donīt worry about it.
> > I saw his Homepage too and was so proud that he is only 14 and
make so good
> > Homeage for our Jamaat MashAllah Farhan Qureshi, Allah bless you
> Dear brother Shiraz,
> Once a Christian Missionary told me exactly the same thing about
> a young man they had manipulated to carry out the task they 
> themselves did not want to be associated with.  To me, it is a 
> sign of disgrace that the Qadiani Mission has shut down every one
> of their propaganda sites for months, but encourage some young 
> individuals to publish their missionary teachings!
> Why do we not see those who claims to be quoting hadeeth or Muslim
> scholars mention the Qadiani leader or scholar who has initially 
> made the allegation?  Certainly, what we have so far seen is br. 
> Abdul Aziz who claims not to read Arabic (yet, somehow picked up 
> the Arabic books that appear to help his case) and brother Farhan,
> who is young enough to be my son and definitely has not read the
> writings of any of the authors he is allegedly quoting.
> I hope you and other elders of Qadiani Mission will clarify the
> matter and tell us the name of the people in Qadiani leadership
> who initially made such allegations.  Certainly, your so called
> khalifa is aware of everything, since he authorizes everything.
> Kindly, tell us if any of the Qadiani leaders are willing to 
> stand up and take responsibility for what they have been saying
> for a hundred years.  It is ugly to hide behind people who do 
> not know any better.
> Thank you.

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