[qadianism] Re: Two Types of Propethood
By Abdul Aziz @axe.humboldt.edu

Mr. McKloskey: Please tell me why are you along with all non-Ahmadi
Muslims waiting for Issa (AS) to descend from heaven? According to you
all that is needed for the spiritual purity and guidance of Muslims has
already been
provided. (2). Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said that in later days, there will
Quran but in words only (no action). There will be ulema but they would be
the worst human beings on the face of the earth. Could you please tell me
if these prophesies of Prophet Muhammad (SAS) apply today or not? Are the
so called ulema not inciting one Muslim against the other? Is Quran not
left only in words? Are Muslims following Quran? Please think again. Allah
sends warners when sin spreads far and wide in the world. That warner,
according to Quran, is always jeered, laughed at and persecuted? Is this
not happening to the person of Mirza Sahib and his followers. I suggest
that, in cognito, you visit an Ahmadiyya mosque and see how energetically
they are trying to spread Islam (The Islam revealed to Prophet Muhammad
(SAS) and not as interpretted by the non-Ahmadi ulema). Your visit is a
must if you want to be an honest critic of Ahmadiyyat. The Prophet
said,"Whem my Issa (AS) comes he will bring back the belief even if it has
gone to far off stars". In just one hadith the Prophet called Issa (AS)
nabi Allah four times. Wassalaam.

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Umar Aadil Abdul Rahman McKloskey wrote:

> There are two types of  prophethood.
> 1. To bring a message from Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
> 2. To remind people of a message from Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, that has 
> been lost or changed by people.
> The first kind of prophet is a message-bearing prophet.
> The second kind of prophet is a non-message bearing prophet.
> When the Taurat was revealed to Musa (p.b.u.h.), it was not written 
> down for 800 years! Nor, unlike the Holy Qur'an,  was it memorized 
> by thousands of followers from the outset.
> Changes were frequently made in the Taurat, and portions were lost. 
> This has been well-documented in the present day by Ahmad Deedat, 
> the Jehovah's Witnesses, and many others. It was therefore necessary
> that non-message bearing prophets be frequently sent to remind the
> Yahudi of the message of the Taurat. Indeed, these changes were the
> reason why it was necessary for us to receive the Holy Qur'an.
> The incorruptible Message, the Holy Qur'an, has been both memorized 
> and written down for over 14 centuries without error or omission.
> There is no need for a prophet to remind us of this
> Message (the Holy Qur'an), because we already have it in its unchanging 
> purity. We have an abundance of scholars to assist us in understanding it.
> The Holy Qur'an itself tells us that our religion is completed.
> Furthermore, Rasulullah (s.a.w.) promised us a reviver of religious 
> sciences in each Islamic century. He said nothing about future prophets. 
> Neither Allah nor Rasulullah ever authorized any belief in any new prophets.
> Consequently, there is no need for a non-message bearing "prophet".
> Without the need for a non-message bearing prophet, what point is there 
> in mirza's claim to non-message bearing prophethood?
> Unlike non-Muslims, we Muslims have no need of "new"  prophets,
> message-bearing or otherwise, for we have the unchanging and incorruptible
> Holy Qur'an and that is quite sufficient for any Muslim.  

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