[qadianism] Re: The Baatil Sect (Ahmadi): NEW PAGE
By Irshad @irshad.org

> Abdul Aziz:
> Dr. Rashid: You know that all these lies have been created by antiAhmadi
> mullahs. However, this is not surprising. Mushreqeen of Mecca spreadlies
> about the Prophet in exactly the same fashion. Also people who are used
> to dole from christian countries and living in an environment of
> corruption and dishonesty cannot thin that true Muslims flourish on
> Allah's help. 

This is a common fallacy in logic that the followers of several
misguided offshoots of Islam commonly commit.  Just because the
Mushrikeen of Mekkah spread lies about the Prophet(SAW), it does
not mean that anything ever written about a group has to be a 
lie!  By this line of argument, the followers of Musailma kazzab,
Baha'ullah of Iran, and every other misguided group could also 
could (In fact many do) claim to be rightly guided!  This is not
reasonable and is in fact an attempt to avoid discussion and 
change the topic.

Those, who instead of relying on the evidence and discussion of
facts find refuge in these type of unfounded comparisons are not 
being honest with themselves and are not looking for the truth.

> I recommend to the readers to visit the Ahmadiyya web site and InshaAllah
> they will find Ahmadi response to these silly stories of Dr. Rashid.

Official Qadiani propaganda sites have been shut down for months,
right after we published the article about Dr. Balogun.

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