[qadianism] Re: Finality of Prophethood - What is Qadiani View
By Irshad @irshad.org

> Abdul Aziz:
> Dear non-Ahmadis (particularly Dr. Rashid): No body has answered
> to me question I posted about a week ago. I repeat. If 
> Muhammad(SAS) is the last in time prophet then how do you explain
> the cerse 35 of sura Al Araaf?

Dear brother Aziz,

I don't see why you are trying to change the topic?!  I am 
certain that some of us are genuinely interested to discover
the truth and learn about the actual claims of the founders
and leaders of Qadianism from original sources.

This habit of jumping from thread to thread, asking questions
and expecting immediate answers, or calling names and making 
unfounded and unproven accusation will only reinforce the idea
that some of the Qadianis are indeed employing the strategy of
Christian missionaries: they too try to confuse the matter
without ever wanting to engage in a search for truth.  I suggest
to you, brother, that this is not the proper nor productive way
of reaching to the truth and discussing issues.  If you believe
there has been a misunderstanding between Muslims and Qadianis,
the proper way is to provide evidence, from original sources, 
to the contrary.  Doesn't that sound more plausible?

You can be certain that Muslims have your various questions and 
allegations on file and will, enshaAllah, get to them very soon.
There is certainly no need to repeat them over and over again, 
please be patient.  There is only so much we can do and we need
to give proper priority to what we believe to be more productive
use of time.  I, for one, do not see any need to argue over 
things and waste time jumping from topic to topic, until we have
nailed down what each side stands for.

I hope that you will also try to help us discover what your 
leaders have claimed about the Finality of Prophethood.  Quite 
frankly, this forum is not set up to see how people respond to
each other's personal claims and conjectures.  This is set up
to evaluate the claims of Islam versus Ahmadiyyat, from their
authentic sources.  It would be futile and a waste of time to
engage in endless debate when those who claim to be Qadianis
are not even representing the official views of their leaders
and founders.

I am sure that by now many Muslims are justifiably wondering, "if 
Qadianis believe to have been blessed by their leadership, why
do they shrink from sharing authentic information about the 
claims of their founders?  Where is this blessing and guidance
that we constantly hear about?  What Qadianis call blessing is,
more and more, beginning to resemble the empty blessings that 
the Christian missionaries boast about!"  Is this what you and
others would like others to conclude from your own actions?

As I've mentioned, we Muslims believe in the absolute Finality 
of Prophethood in Muhammad(SAW).  Our Idara, as well as other 
brothers, have produced evidence, from our religious text, to
support our stance.  Since Ahmadis appear to have been offering
varying, often contradictory claims, we are also trying to find
their stance, from their so-called religious books.  Certainly,
no reasonable person can object to that!

Again, brother, Muslims have a problem with the claims of 
Qadianism.  If an individual Qadiani claims not to hold the same
ideas or raises other objections, it is irrelevant to our primary
discussion.  There are, unfortunately, some Muslims who also are
ignorant of the teachings of Islam: this does not mean that their
personal opinion should be taken as representative of the 
teachings of Islam.  In my opinion, the same holds of Qadianis.

Please help us to discover the truth by bringing evidence from
the writings of your own founders and leaders.

Thank you.

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