[qadianism] Re: Who Is Imam Mahdi
By Irshad @irshad.org

> Abdul Aziz:
> All these ahadith have to be interpretted. If you believe them
> to be literally true then many of them will hurt your beliefs.
> Mirza Sahib (AS) about hundred years ago said," No Issa will 
> come from heaven. You will die and so will your children but
> they won't see Issa descending".

Jews also have had a lot to say about Messiah!  Kindly tell us
what is the proper understanding, according to the writings of
your founder, for the following ahadeeth:

  "By Him in Whose Hand is my life, Ibn Maryam (Jesus ) will
   certainly pronounce Talbiyah for Hajj or for Umrah or for both
   (simultaneously as a Qarin) in the valley of Rawha."
  "Hazrat Masih(SAW) will die after completing the duration he 
   was destined to pass in the world and that Muslims will offer
   his funeral prayers and bury him next to the grave of the holy
   Prophet, Hazrat Abu Bakr, and Hazrat Umar(RAs)." (Mishkat)

Thank you.

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