[qadianism] Re: Finality of Prophethood - What is Qadiani View
By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

Dear Akhi Irshad, 
Asslaamu Alaikum,

It is not Hadith I have spoken of, It is the Holy Qur'an which says
that there are two or maybe three types of Prophethood: Insha'Allah
Th'a'ala I will get the reference for you as soon as possible: Its
just, the Qur'an is upstairs, so I have to look it up. 

--- irsha-@irshad.org  wrote:
> > Farhan
> > Dear Irshad,There is no finality of Prophet hood, meaning that
> > Prophethood can continue, but only the prophethood without Law.
> > Thus prophethood is not gone, ie there is no finality. But the
> > Seal or Al Khatam, means that the prophethood which has ended 
> > in indeed the prophethood with law. With the holy Prophet of 
> > Islam; Muhammad Mustufa (saw) as the greatest Prophet the one
> > whom has brought the perfect religion of Islam, and the perfect
> > law of the Qur'an.Wasslaam,Farhan
> > http://www.freeyellow.com/members4/ahmadiyyat/islam.html
> Dear brother Farhan,
> I was hoping that you would have provided references to the
> writings of your founders, as I had requested.  As you know,
> the Prophet(SAW) has warned us of the time when scholars 
> [anyone who issues his own idea and claims to be qualified to
> do so is claiming to be a scholar] who speak without proof and
> try to divide the people will be committing great sin [He(SWT)
> calls them as worst of creatures].  I hope that we all take 
> heed of this warning of Rasulollah(SAW), the last of the 
> Prophets, and avoid saying things without proof.
> If you, and others, believe that the Qadiani Mission represents
> "True Islam" and is solely blessed by divine revelation and 
> guidance, then you should be eager to spread the teachings of 
> your leadership and not your personal opinion.  Is that not a 
> fair statement and expectation?
> I hope you notice how I, and other Muslims, constantly refer to 
> the holy Quran, hadeeth, opinion of Sahaba(RAs), Ijma of scholars,
> etc.  We are trying to be among those whom the Prophet(SAW) said
> will always adhere to the Truth and be guided.  We avoid mixing
> personal conjecture and submit to whatever Allah(SWT) and His
> Messenger(SAW) have said: that is the straight path.
> Why then those who claim to be in advantage by having a "Khalifa",
> appear to only speak without quoting their leaders?  Where is the
> "blessing" and the "guidance", if everyone of their followers only
> provides his/her own opinion and sees no need to make any reference
> to the alleged guidance?
> Dear brother, I was once, even if it might be hard to imagine, a
> young man:  I hope you do not take my brotherly advice as an 
> attempt to humiliate or put down anyone.  That would only lead to
> hardening of the hearts, so that one is no longer able to think 
> with an open mind and follow his/her God-given faculty of 
> reasoning.  The way of Allah(SWT) is so unique: people who follow
> such a path and divide themselves from the ummah are condemned to
> loss.
> Since, being so young, you might not have had the opportunity to
> read the original writings of your leaders, allow me to give you
> a starting hand.  I hope you do not mind:
> Mirza Bashiruddin, the second so called Khalif of the Mission,
> and son of Mirza Ghulam wrote:
>   "I believe there are three kinds of prophets.  
>    1. Those who bring shariah; 
>    2. Those who did not bring new shariah and got nabuwwat 
>       directly and worked the job of first ummah, just like
> 	  Sulaiman, zakarria or Yahya(AS).
>    3. Those who did not bring shariah and did not receive 
>       prophethood directly, but are the followers of a 
> 	  previous Nabi." (Ghole Fasal, p 14)
> Mirza Bashir Ahmad, M.A., has written:
>   "At this point, you should remember that Prophethood has 
>    different kinds.  Since the beginning, three kinds of 
>    nabuwwat has appeared:
>    1. Tashree'e Nabuwwat: Promised Messiah called this Tashree'e 
>       Nabuwwat real (haqiqi) prophethood.
>    2. The kind which is neither Tashree'e nor haqiqi.  This type
>       of prophethood, according to the sayings of the promised
>       Messiah, is an independent (mostaqel) prophethood.
>    3. Zilli or Ummati Nabi: On the advent of huzoor(SAW), the
>       door to independent and real prophethood has been closed.
>       And zilli (shadowy) has been opened."
>    (Maslah Kofro-Islam chi Haqeeqat, p .31)
> would you like to revise your statement or present proof to the
> contrary?  Obviously, these high level leaders of your movement
> disagree with your statement.  They say Messengers (rosol), or
> prophets with Shariah, have ended; prophets (nabi) who received
> prophethood from Allah(SWT) have also ended.  Only a special 
> and new category of prophets, "zilli" or "ummati", according to
> them, will continue.
> According to Mirza Bashi Ahmad, the door to "zilli" or "ummati"
> prophets was opened, after the death of Muhammad(SAW); while the
> door to "Tashree" (rasul) and "mostaqel" (nabis without laws)
> prophets, who used to be sent prior to him(SAW), has been closed.
> Is this not a fair understanding of the real stated position 
> of the Mission?
> Thank you.
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