[qadianism] Re: More on Second Coming of Isa (A.S.)
By Parvez @me.queensu.ca

Assalamu Alaikum

I am pretty busy these days to participate reguarly. My memory appears
fading but if it serves correctly, I saw this argument before from the
Quadianies.  In SRI, a quadianie called Ijaz Rauf produced Nanutvi and
another Arab scholar saying that they didn't believe in finality of
prophethood.  Soon after another brother Fuad Haddad, a converted Muslim
from Judaism, checked the details and caught Ijaz Rauf in falsification
and fabrication.  Neither Nanutvi nor that Arab scholar (I don't
remember the name now) worte anything like that but confirmed finality
of prophethood.  I thnk Maulana Nanutvi even mentioned that anyone who
doesn't belive in finality of prophethood is not a Muslim.  It will be
good if the Quadianies can give the original book to Irshad as requested
so that the truthfulness of them and their mirza ghulam ahmad can be

Then, why do the quadianies have to rely on Nanutvi and similar people
and deny dozens and dozens of authentic and mutawatir hadith from so
many authentic books?  Isn't it fraudualant?  Islam doesn't rely on any
Nanutvi but on Koran and Hadith.  Do the Quadianeis know that?

Why do the Quadianies have to bring book like Kanjul Ummal,
Dar-e-Quatni, Tarikh-e-Hamdhan, Takmilah-majmaul-bihar and such kind of
unknown, unseen and doubtful book to misinterpret all those dubious
contents?  Why can't rely on well authnticated book like Bukhari,
Muslim, Abu Dawood etc?  Is it that their whole dogma will be blown off
like a card house?  Can't the quadianies be honest?

Dear Quadianie/Ahmady friends.  Think for yourself rationally.  Don't
follow the path of the Meccan pagans to assert on "out forefathers
religion" but try to rationally judge and see the light.  Otherwise you
will end up in hell.  That is a pretty hot place, you sure believe me.  

May the mercy of Allah(swt) be on you and may He give you the Taufiq to
see the light.

Irshad wrote:
> > Abdul Aziz:
> > Mr. McKlosky: Dr. Siddiqi is a Ph. D. in religion. The professors
> > who taught him may have been Jewish, christians or Muslims. I
> > have been in touch with Dr. Siddiqi. He refuses to acknowledge a
> > statement by Maulana Nanautvi that 'coming of another prophet
> > during or after the life of Prophet Muhammad will not negate
> > khatam an nabiyyeen'. I sent him the original writing, published
> > by a non-Ahmadi publishing house. So please before you bring him
> > as a witness of last resort, think what I wrote.
> Assuming your account to be accurate, I believe there might be a
> simple explanation for this.  A few months ago, one of our brothers
> presented me with a book which promoted some strange ideas about
> Islam!  The book was professionally printed and, in the inside
> cover, was claiming to have been published in Riyad, Saudia Arabia.
> One of our brothers contacted the Islamic Affairs Department of the
> Saudi Embassy.  The result?  The book was a forgery and not
> published in Riyad, Saudia Arabia.  Apparently, some enemies of
> Islam are trying to introduce false notions in Islam by introduing
> forged books.
> I am hoping to receive the copy of your book, so I can verify it
> against original copy I've already asked for from Pakistan.  I do
> not do this because I have any doubt that Maulana Nanautvi(R)'s
> verdict has been the same as all Muslims scholars.  As I have
> mentioned, my notes show (and I have direct quote from his book)
> that he believed in Finality of Prophethood.  I just asked you for
> the book, because I like to see this "special print" you are
> claiming to possess.
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> Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said:
> "I am Muhammad, I am Ahmad, I am the effacer and infidelity shall be
> erased through me; I am the assembler. People shall be assembled on
> Doomsday after my time. And I am the last in the sense that no prophet
> shall succeed me."  (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Muatta')
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