[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the Messenger of Allah(SAW)
By Abdul Aziz @axe.humboldt.edu

Mirza Sahib after being appointed the Mahdi and the Messiah always used
'khatam an nabiyyeen' to mean the last law bearing prophet and not the
last in time prophet. The references you have given (I do not have those)
are to be interpretted in the same spirit. Now to your confusion regarding
the example of Prophet Myhammad having 11 wives and not marrying any more.
My point is that all prophets are born in existing societies. They follow
the traditions and customs (unless they are sins. God saves them) of the
society. In Arabia the number of wives was not limited. In this spirit the
Prophet married 11 wives. However, when God revealed a restriction on the
number of wives to 4, the Prophet desisted from marrying any other.
Exactly like this example, Mirza Sahib believed in Prophet Muhammad (SAS)
to be the last in time: because the Muslims, at least in India, believed
so. However, when God revealed to him that he was a nabi, and that this
status was given to him for his perfect obedience to God and Muhammad
(SAS), he followed this direction. 

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