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By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

Dear Akhi,
You have misunderstood, 
The meaning of the hadeeth is that the Islam shall prevail through the
Al Masih. According to yourselves, Jesus really means Jesus (as), but
your comprehension does not go along with what Allah (swt) is trying
to say. It is called metephorical language. Just as John the Baptist
was the second coming of Elagah, Ahmad, Mirza was of Isa (as).:
Remember the Qur'an says: it is only those who can comprehend the
Qur'an who are specially purified by Allah (swt): and you akhi, are
not specially purified. Allah (swt) is unique, and if you can truly
understand, you would be able to see that Allah (swt) uses a unique
metephorical language. It is even in Hadith:

His decent in later ages will be with a different body. (Tafsir
Araisul Bayan, vol.1 page 262) 

This notion has been explained by a muslim scholor as well: 

Some believe that the soul of Jesus will manifest in Mahdi, and the
descent only means his Baruz. (Iqtibasul Anwar said by: Sheik Muhammad
Akram Sabri). 

"And Joseph did come to you before with clear proofs, but you ceased
not to be in doubt concerning that with which he came to you till,
when he died, you said: 'Allah will never raise up a Messenger after
Thus does Allah adjudge as lost those who transgress, (and) are
doubters." (Al Quran: 40:35) 

"O Children of Adam! If Messengers come to you from among yourselves,
Rehearsing my signs unto you, fear God and do good deeds as then, no
fear or grief shall touch you." (Al Quran, 7:36) 


--- irsha-@irshad.org  wrote:
> Br. Farhan,
> The hadeeth reads:
>   "How can perish the Ummah of which I am at the beginning
>    and Jesus, son of Mary, is at the end."
>    (Hakim and Nasai)
> In your opinion, was Mirza Ghulam the "Jesus, son of Mary",
> the Messenger of Allah(SAW) spoke of?!!  Leaving aside the 
> obvious problem all Muslims will have with such a comparison
> and belief, how was Mirza Ghulam the end of the ummah of
> Muhammad(SAW)?  What does this hadeeth do to your claim that
> prophethood will continue?
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> > Asslaamo Alaikum
> > You do not Understand: There can be no Prophet in-between The Holy
> > Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the Promised Messiah (as). That is why
> > Holy Prophet Said: How can The Ummah fail when I am at one end and
> > Messiah is at the other. (Muslim)

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