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By Irshad @irshad.org

> Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz:
> I read it, not all, but what I read its enough, well I am so sorry, you
> have wasted your time to write or copy this article here and made the
> homepage. Dont think that a normal thinking human will believe it, come
> on, do what you want, nobody can stop us.

I advise brother Muzafar to take care, when he states things like,
"nobody can stop us"!  Instead, he would be better served by 
saying, "May Allah(SWT) open our heart and guide us to the Truth,
whatever it might be".

Those who have read the holy Quran, know the account of the people
who boasted in foolish pride about their heritage and alleged 
worldly accomplishment, only to have their dynasty destroyed in one
day by Allah(SWT).  However, Allah(SWT) allows misguided people 
time to either repent or exceed in their disbelief.  Sadly, most 
people are blinded by this earthly life and its temporary delights
and can not see the difference between the Decree of God and empty
claims of their misguided leaders.

May Allah(SWT) protect the seekers of the truth from such a

> Only onthing we have our own TV Channel call MTA( Muslim 
> Television Ahmdiyya), with only blessing of Allah, but where
> is your TV Channel, havent you guys get Money from any Muslim
> country? well we spend everytime for our Beloved Jamaat.

Alhamdolellah, we do not receive funding from any Muslim or non-
Muslim nation, but Allah(SWT) provides enough for us to have been
able to expose Qadianism on the internet and give some of the
unfortunate people entrapped by this movement every chance to 
learn the Truth.  At least, on the Day of Judgment, they can not
blame the ummah for not having delivered the Truth.

In all honesty, there are so many urgent needs from our needy and
oppressed brothers and sisters around the globe, that there is no
justification in spending tens of thousands of dollars a day on a
missionary TV program addressed at Muslims!!  We have better and
more rewarding use for our funds.

Anyhow, as Br. Rashid noted, the exorbitant amount of money being
spent on Qadiani missionary Cable program and the maintenance of 
the Ahmadi centers, missionaries, and leadership is certainly
beyound the means of your members.  Need I point out that the
majority of Qadiani membership, according to their own claims,
live in countries where national average income is so low, that
even if they contributed all their savings, they still would not
be able to give any more than $100.00 a year?!  Well, your leaders 
receive funding from "somewhere"; it might be a "miracle" and the
money might be dropping from the sky!!!  Allah(SWT) knows best.

Nevertheless, is the fact that they have a Cable program supposed
to prove the truthfulness of that movement?!  In an add I recently
received from our local cable station to join (I decided not to
waste time and money on something that shuts down reality), there
were such 24-hour international programs as Playboy listed!  No 
doubt, Christian missionaries also have their own 24 hour 
international programs.  Would any sane person believe this is to
be the sign of truthfulness of any faith?! Obviously, not.

You see, brother, the followers of every small movement spend with
one goal: attrack new members with whatever means possible. This
goal is not unique to your Mission and does not prove anything.
No doubt, Qadiani leaders will continue to spent and come up with
new deceptive arguments and resort to every means to make 
themselves visible and divert people from the path of Allah(SWT).

We will, enshaAllah, continue to spend on the cause of Islam and
humanity. We will continue to send money to our needy brothers 
and sisters all over the world, without them even knowing the 
source of the donation, because we only seek the pleasure of 
Allah(SWT) and have no ulterior motive, no hidden agenda.  All 
the believers are our brothers and Muslims are one ummah.  We 
know that Ahmadis are taught to rejoice in their little "beloved
jamaat", but we have no concern with the divisive way of their 
leaders.  We truly believe in the Words of Allah(SWT) and His 
Last Messenger(SAW) and take heed of the warnings:

  "As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects,
   you hast no part in them in the least: their affair is with 
   Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they
   did."  (Holy Quran, Al-Anaam, 6.159)
  "Turn you back in repentance to Him, and fear Him: establish 
   regular prayers, and be not ye among those who join gods with
   Those who split up their Religion, and become (mere) Sects,-
   each party rejoicing in that which is with itself!"
     (Holy Quran, Al-Room, 3.31)

If we did not, we would be no better than the Jews and Christians
of the past, who argued endlessly about the ayat of Allah(SWT) 
and engaged in deceptive arguments and interpretation to misguide
the uninformed.

Finally, just for the record, there have been a number of Muslim-
run 24-hour programs for years.  Also, we should not forget that
the fastest growing religion in the world, even according to the
statement of non-Muslims, is Islam and not Qadianism.  Even 
Hinduism is growing at a faster rate than Qadiani leaders' own
exaggerated claims to growth!

> And one day when Ahmadiyyat will grow up in the whole world
> InshLAlah, you will see the truth at last, and you can also
> change the Name of the wolrd, an advise what about New Ahmadiyya
> Wolrd, a wolrd only for Ahmadies, wow, May Allah see us this day
> Ameen. InshAllah

Dreams of World domination?! Alas, this will never happen, as 
Allah(SWT) hs already promised to make Islam, the religion of
Muhammad(SAW), dominant.  Brother, what you have said reminds
me of what a Qadiani leaders wrote sometime ago:

  "(in a challenge to Muslim Ummah) ... We will be victorious and
   you will surely be brought before us like criminals and on that
   day you will meet the same fate which befell Abu Jehal and his
   party on the occasion of the conquest of Mecca."
     (Al-Fadl, Nov. 23, 1952) 

Is there any wonder that Muslims everywhere rightly suspect
the motives and methods of Qadiani leaders and missionaries?

> Love for All Harted for None.

I have no reason to doubt your senserity in this statement, but I
hope that, given statements like the one I quoted, you understand
why Muslims view this phrase, coined by the current Qadiani 
leaders to impress the Westerners and the koffar and obtain their
support and collaboration, another empty and worthless missionary

May Allah(SWT) guide sincere seekers of the Truth to His straight

The Last Messenger of Allah(SAW) has said:

  "The tribe of Israel was guided by prophets. When a prophet 
   passed away, another prophet succeeded him. But no prophet
   will come after me; only caliphs will succeed me."

Take heed of the guidance of the Mercy to the Universe(SAW).  
It is within your power to save yourselves and your family.

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