[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the Messenger of Allah(SAW)
By Irshad @irshad.org

In the name of Allah(SWT) and may Peace and Blessing be upon

> Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz:
> Dear Mr. IrshadYou telling me about disgrace, huh? see what the
> so called Muslim do in Pakistan and other Muslim country, is 
> this not disgrace, and please dont tell me this is Politic.

I pray that Allah(SWT), in His infinite Mercy, bestows guidance 
upon those people who commit sins out of ignorance or perform acts
against the teachings of Allah(SWT) and His Last Prophet(SAW).

There are a few very troubling aspects of your EMail which I
like to point out.  Sadly, this appears to be a trend among 
every Ahmadi who has so far posted to this forum.

Dear brother, it is Islamically wrong to:

  1. Over-generalize: If a few people, in a country of millions, 
     are committing sins, it is wrong to try to put blame on 
     everyone or question their faith;

  2. Question the Belief of People without having investigated and
     provided appropriate evidence: Calling over a billion people 
     "so called Muslims" is inappropriate, when you can have no 
     idea as to their belief and no evidence has been shown that
     the belief of all of them is wrong;

  3. Change the Subject or argue with oneself: No one has even
     suggested that those who have wronged themselves should not
     repent for their sins.  The motive and logic behind your
     outburst escapes me.

What is troubling is to see this, and worst, kind of attack on
devote Muslims and Muslim scholars from ranking Qadianis on a 
daily basis.  I am afraid that most Ahmadis have not yet felt
neither the true spirit of Islam ("Peace"), nor are doing their
best to support the phrase dejeur their leaders have recently
adopted, "Love for All Hatred for None"!  We certainly have not
seen any of this "love" on this forum or on MTA cable shows.

> And about Our Jamaat sites, well if you have also read the 
> Message on the page, that they will come again InshAllah, but
> I think you havent.

Actually, I have.  They have been posting the same notice for
almost three months that they have been shut down, by the order 
of the head Qadiani, Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

Brother, I suggest to you that, for a Mission which claims to
represent "True Islam", has billions of dollars to burn every
year, claims to have millions of energetic missionaries, and 
is still paying for the sites that have been down for months,
this is an unjustifiable position to be in.

Isn't another catch phrase of the Mission, "I shall take your 
message to the four corners of the Globe"?! Well, internet is a
very low cost media for reaching hundreds of millions of people
world-wide.  It is unthinkable that the Mission, which until 
recently was boasting about having so many sites dedicated to
promoting Qadianism, shut down their sites within 24 hours and
has kept them off-line for months!

Obviously, I reject the claims of the Mission to represent any
part of Islam.  However, even Islamically, this is wrong.  Have
the founders, due to their lack of knowledge, not heard the 
Words of Allah(SWT):

  "And do not mix up the truth with the falsehood, nor hide 
   the truth while you know (it)."
       (Holy Quran, Al-Baghara, 2.42)

How can anyone take their claims of representing "True Islam"
and "energetic and dedicated work", seriously, after such

> And about the young peoples, well guys like Mr. Farhan are the
> Mujahid (soldiers) of our Jamaat, and we are proud to have 
> young Mujahid like this, they will take the positions of Jamaat
> later InshAllah.

I hope that, for their own sake, these young people prefer 
Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW) to such promises of worldly
achievements and recognition, and will be able to distinguish
clear evidence from deceptive arguments and earthly promises.

Sadly, it is also a common Christian missionary ploy to give 
promises of promotions and personal glory to their young 
followers.  Unfortunately, some of the young people fall victim
to their own nafs (ego) and inexperience: instead of looking for
the truth, they develop pride in having been given every little
bit of recognition by the head Missionaries.  In effect, their 
involvement in the Missionary work, becomes a vehicle to boast
about their alleged accomplishments and claims of superiority 
to others.  May Allah(SWT) guide them away from such blind and 
destructive pride.

>> Irshad:
>> I hope you and other elders of Qadiani Mission will clarify the
>> matter and tell us the name of the people in Qadiani leadership
>> who initially made such allegations.  Certainly, your so called
>> khalifa is aware of everything, since he authorizes everything.
>> Kindly, tell us if any of the Qadiani leaders are willing to
>> stand up and take responsibility for what they have been saying
>> for a hundred years.  It is ugly to hide behind people who do
>> not know any better.

> Well they all said everything since 110 years, but when nobody
> take the advantige of it then its their problems.we hide 
> nothing everything is here, only your propaganda who make all
> peoples sick is ugly.

I am afraid you have managed to post a message, while carefully
avoiding the question and topic at hand.  Kindly, provide us with
the names of all these leaders, with appropriate quotes and 
references, who have been making such claims for 110 years.  If
you are unable, I hope you or others will check with your leaders
and bring such references and arguments very soon.  We are eager 
to learn the about Ahmadiyyat from the writings of its founders
and leaders, and not the unfounded claims of common people.

Thank you for your help.

Ultimate Success is with Allah(SWT) and may Peace and Blessing
of Allah be upon His Last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW), his family,
companions, and sincere followers till the Day of Judgment.

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