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By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Dear Mr Ch. Muzafar
Wa alikum assalam

Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:

> Assalamo Alaikum

> Only onthing we have our own TV Channel call MTA( Muslim Television
> Ahmdiyya), with only blessing of Allah, but where is your TV Channel,
> havenīt you guys get Money from any Muslim country? well we spend
> everytime for our Beloved Jamaat.

Please try to get your facts right. There are several satellite channels
broadcasting worldwide transmissions from various Muslim countries. There 2
channels from Saudi Arabia, there are Satellite channels from Sharjah (UAE), Dubai
(UAE), Ajman (UAE), AlJazirah from Qatar, from Pakistan, from Sudan. However these
are commercial channels and I admit they do not broadcast religious programs only,
but then who can watch religious program round the clock? Are you watching MTA
only and all the time?

By the way would you enlighten me, how much it is costing your Jama'at to
broadcast 24 hour programs on MTA satellite channel? Perhaps you know that Global
Beam (which is used to braodcast MTA) charges $ 50 per minute.



> And one day when Ahmadiyyat will grow up in the whole world InshLAlah,
> you will see the truth at last, and you can also change the Name of the
> wolrd, an advise what about New Ahmadiyya Wolrd, a wolrd only for
> Ahmadies, wow, May Allah see us this day Ameen. InshAllah
> And JazakAllah to all Ahmadies Brother for all Informations, May Allah
> bless you
> all Ameen.
> May Allah show us the right path.Ameen
> Khuda Hafiz
> Muzafar
> Love for All Harted for None.
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