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By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr Aziz

Please spare all of us the trouble of searching through the Ahmadiyya sites
which are not working anyway. My questions are quite straight forward, if you
care to answer:

1. Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ever lied?
2. Did Mirza Ghulam ever flouted his promise?
3. Did Mirza ever betrayed the trust of people?
4. Did Mirza Ghulam ever used abusive language towards his opponents?

No need for detailed explanations, just answer them yes or no.

Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Your questions and comments are not new. They have been extensively
> researched and responded. Just visit the Ahmadiyya web page. InshaAllah if
> you are a rightly guided person you will find the truth.
> On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Rashid wrote

[Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find Peace.(alQuran)]
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