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Yes their are international channels operated by Saudis. I was in Saudi
Arabia a few years ago. Miniscule preaching, plenty of Films!.

>Dear Mr Ch. Muzafar
>Wa alikum assalam
>Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:
>> Assalamo Alaikum
>> Only onthing we have our own TV Channel call MTA( Muslim Television
>> Ahmdiyya), with only blessing of Allah, but where is your TV Channel,
>> haven=B4t you guys get Money from any Muslim country? well we spend
>> everytime for our Beloved Jamaat.
>Please try to get your facts right. There are several satellite channels
>broadcasting worldwide transmissions from various Muslim countries. There 2
>channels from Saudi Arabia, there are Satellite channels from Sharjah
(UAE), Dubai
>(UAE), Ajman (UAE), AlJazirah from Qatar, from Pakistan, from Sudan.
However these
>are commercial channels and I admit they do not broadcast religious
programs only,
>but then who can watch religious program round the clock? Are you watching=
>only and all the time?
>By the way would you enlighten me, how much it is costing your Jama'at to
>broadcast 24 hour programs on MTA satellite channel? Perhaps you know that
>Beam (which is used to braodcast MTA) charges $ 50 per minute.
>> And one day when Ahmadiyyat will grow up in the whole world InshLAlah,
>> you will see the truth at last, and you can also change the Name of the
>> wolrd, an advise what about New Ahmadiyya Wolrd, a wolrd only for
>> Ahmadies, wow, May Allah see us this day Ameen. InshAllah
>> And JazakAllah to all Ahmadies Brother for all Informations, May Allah
>> bless you
>> all Ameen.
>> May Allah show us the right path.Ameen
>> Khuda Hafiz
>> Muzafar
>> Love for All Harted for None.
>> Jamiat schrieb:
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