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By Suheil Laher @alum.mit.edu

Waqas Mahmood wrote:

> So After Killing Dajjal, will there be ANY kind of EVIL in the world? I
> mean, are you saying that the world will be PERFECT afterwards, if there's
> no EVIL, The world must be perfect right??

I did not claim that there will be NO evil in the world.  Nor can I think (at
least right now) of any hadith which says there will be NO evil.  There are
authentic ahadith which indicate that after Ya'juj and Ma'juj have been killed,
there will be great prosperity and harmony : children will play with snakes
without being harmed, people will take shade in the shell of a pomegranate,
etc."Wealth shall be abundant, to the extent that none shall accept it, to the
extent that a single prostration shall be better than the world and [all] that
it contains."  [Bukhari and Muslim]"Peace will ensue upon the earth, to the
extent that lions will romp with camels, leopards with cows and wolves with
sheep.  Children will play with snakes without their harming them." [Ahmad, Abu

It should also be noted that after the period of prosperity, evil will again set
in, as described in the following extract:
"Then, the earth will be told, "Bring forth your fruit and return your
blessings."  Then, that day a multitude shall eat from a pomegranate, and they
will take shade in its shell.  Milk will become blessed, to the extent that a
milk-camel will suffice a multitude of people, a milk-cow will suffice a tribe
of people, a
milk-sheep will suffice an extended family of people.
    Then, while they are in that state, Allah will send a pleasant wind which
will afflict them beneath their armpits, such that it will take the soul of
every {\it mu'min} and every Muslim, and the worst of people will remain!   They
will engage in sexual intercourse in public, like donkeys, and the Hour shall be

established upon them." [Muslim]

> And when do you suppose this Imam Mahdi will be coming?? And when will this
> Dajjal emerge??

"Say : the knowledge of it is only with my Lord.""And what will convey to you?
It may be that the Hour is near!"

There are some indications, of course, in the ahadith:
"the False-Messiah shall emerge amidst triviality of religion and retreat of
knowledge." [Narrated by al-Hakim (who authenticated it) and Ahmad)]

The Sahabah thought it would be very soon:
"The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) mentioned the
False-Messiah one morning, such that his voice faltered [from fatigue] and
[then] mounted [again], to the extent that we thought [the False-Messiah] to be
in some of the date-palms, and so we turned away from the
Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and then went
[back] to him.  He came to know of that [having occurred] amongst us, and
therefore said, "What is the matter?"  Then, we said, "O Messenger of Allah!
You mentioned the False-Messiah in the morning, and your voice faltered [from
fatigue] and [then] mounted [again], to the extent that we thought him to be in
some of the date-palms."  [Narrated by Muslim and others]
In fact, some of them even thought that Ibn Sayyad (a Jewish person who matched
some aspects of the description of the Dajjal) was actually the Great Dajjal.

- Suheil

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> >> 1. Is Hazrat Isa Died or still living, give me proof from Quran and
> Hadith?
> >
> >He is alive.  Please see my earlier message of today.
> >
> >> 2. If he is living then when he will back again?
> >
> >Allah knows best.  It will be approximately seven years after Imam Mahdi
> >appears, and after the Dajjal (the False-Messiah : the greatest tribulation
> of
> >all times) will have emerged.
> >
> >> 3. And when he come back how I get to know where is he?
> >
> >He will descend on the shoulders of two angels, in the Shaam area.  He will
> >then go out after the Dajjal, until he overtakes him at Lud (Palestine) and
> >kills him.  After Ya'juj and Ma'juj emerge, he will isolate himself, along
> with
> >a group of Muslims, at Mount Tur.  After Ya'juj and Ma'juj are destroyed,
> they
> >will emerge.  He will perform Hajj and/or Umrah.  He will marry and have
> >children.  He will die and be buried in Medina, next to Prophet Muhammad
> (peace
> >and blessings upon him).  All thse facts are detailed in the ahadith.
> >
> >> Khuda Hafiz
> >
> >May Allah protect you and guide you in your search for truth.
> >
> >Suheil
> >

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