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Dr. Rashid: I mentioned only one site   www.ahmadiyya.com. It is working.

>Mr Aziz
>Please spare all of us the trouble of searching through the Ahmadiyya sites
>which are not working anyway. My questions are quite straight forward, if you
>care to answer:
>1. Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ever lied?
>2. Did Mirza Ghulam ever flouted his promise?
>3. Did Mirza ever betrayed the trust of people?
>4. Did Mirza Ghulam ever used abusive language towards his opponents?
>No need for detailed explanations, just answer them yes or no.
>Abdul Aziz wrote:
>> Your questions and comments are not new. They have been extensively
>> researched and responded. Just visit the Ahmadiyya web page. InshaAllah if
>> you are a rightly guided person you will find the truth.
>> On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Rashid wrote
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