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> Dear Akhi,
> You have misunderstood, 

Which one, akhi? Let me tell you my experience. Many of Ahmadis who
interprete Al-Qur'an do not read other verses. I can prove to you 
by my article at 
and http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Ithaca/9499/deletedmessages/index2.html

I will explain why Allah said as 40:34 not 40:35. Many of ahmadis 
have different number of verses of Al-Qur'an. Why? Please tell me
you publisher your Al-Qur'an. I need to investigate your Al-Qur'an.

> It is called metephorical language. Just as John the Baptist
> was the second coming of Elagah, Ahmad, Mirza was of Isa (as).:

Naudzubillahi min dzalik. Who taught you brother? 

> Remember the Qur'an says: it is only those who can comprehend the
> Qur'an who are specially purified by Allah (swt): and you akhi, are
> not specially purified. Allah (swt) is unique, and if you can truly

Yes. this is almost of "the weapon" of unfortune ones. I am not
surprised. Because they are not honest. In the finally, they will say,
"Only Allah who knows best and you are just a human being." 
This is dogged statements of those who are misguided. Brother, we have
Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith, we should follow them. If we find a muslim who
does not pray, we should warn him. It does not mean, we judge him. If 
you find such kind of a muslim, and he say to you like that, what will
you answer?. For me, I just advise, it is not my problem if he follow
or not. Our duty is to invite people to do what is right and forbid 
what is wrong. Of course to know Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith is not easy,
need to study. Insha Allah I will write an article about this as 
replying the article of Br. Qamar " Re: What do yo think of someone
who attributed falsehood of Allah." Sorry I am very busy now due 
to my defense thesis.  

> understand, you would be able to see that Allah (swt) uses a unique
> metephorical language. It is even in Hadith:
> His decent in later ages will be with a different body. (Tafsir
> Araisul Bayan, vol.1 page 262) 

You need to study "MUSTHALA HADITH" brother.

> This notion has been explained by a muslim scholor as well: 
> Some believe that the soul of Jesus will manifest in Mahdi, and the
> descent only means his Baruz. (Iqtibasul Anwar said by: Sheik Muhammad
> Akram Sabri). 

You need to study Al-Qur'an and authentic hadith book more than quoting 
those kind of fatwa. That is why Rasulullah advised to all muslim 
before dying,"Follow Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith so that you will not

> Wasslaam,

Wa'alaikum salaam

> Farhan
> "And Joseph did come to you before with clear proofs, but you ceased
> not to be in doubt concerning that with which he came to you till,
> when he died, you said: 'Allah will never raise up a Messenger after
> him.'
> Thus does Allah adjudge as lost those who transgress, (and) are
> doubters." (Al Quran: 40:35) 

You need to study "Tafsir" brother. As I said above, many of Ahmadis
ignore the previous or the following verses. You should think why Allah 
said like that. As  a hint for you, you should read same surah 40:78 not
40:79.(may be in your Al-Qur'an that verses is 40:79)

> "O Children of Adam! If Messengers come to you from among yourselves,
> Rehearsing my signs unto you, fear God and do good deeds as then, no
> fear or grief shall touch you." (Al Quran, 7:36) 

This is right brother. But you will be asray if you interpret it for 
proving your leader Mirza is a prophet. That is why you should read 
all of my article which I introduce to you.


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