[qadianism] A Serious New Development of Contradiction!
By Zubair Ahmed@ahhmed.freeserve.co.uk

Assalamu 'alaikum.

This is a serious question for all Ahmadis all over the world. I have read
the book "Revelation Rationality Knowledge & Truth" [RRKT] by the present
Imam of the Ahmadis, as well the book "Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam"
[POTOI] by the Founder, and there appears to be a glaring contradiction
between the two books!

POTOI states that Plato was a mere philosopher who committed the stupid and
hateful act of sacrificing a rooster before an idol, and that suicide is a
stupid tendency of the feint-hearted. Whereas mushrrik Plato is given the
status of a disciple/pupil of Socrates, and the suicidal Socrates granted
the status of a prophet in RRKT. Yet Socrates did not enjoin Prayer or
Charity [see Sura al Bayyinah 98:5,6], or make any fulfilled prophecy, or
show any other sign of Divine support, not to my knowledge anyway.

Socrates committed suicide when cornered, whereas all true prophets of God
have prayed God to save them from every distress when they have become
cornered, even if their entire world has turned against them. True prophets
die natural deaths, not accursed suicidal ones, and hence Isa ibn Maryam
a.s. was saved from an accursed death on the cross after he prayed for the
cup of death to be removed from him.

And If Plato was indeed his foremost pupil and disciple or Caliph after him,
then the message of Socrates also died a total spiritual death when Plato
committed the spiritual suicide of 'shirk', a serious crime that Allah does
not forgive and a True Caliph can't commit. So if Socrates claimed to have
been appointed by God via revelation (rather than 'divinationís'), then
there is no doubt about it that he was a typical false prophet according to
all the scriptural criteria for true prophethood known to me.

Also, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community states that 'all the prophets
from the first to the last have appeared in Asia' [Izala Auham, pp. 515-6],
so how come Socrates is stated in RRKT to be a true prophet of God even
though he appeared in the West? So, in this conflict between the Founder and
a Successor of his, whose side will the Ahmadis take? Do Ahmadis consider
all their Imams to be infallible [ma'soum] like the Shi'as do? Or can
Ahmadis reconcile the apparently contradictory statements of RRKT with
POTOI? If so, how??


Zubair Ahmed.

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