[qadianism] Re: Al A'raf: 35
By Parvez @me.queensu.ca

Umar Aadil Abdul Rahman McKloskey wrote:
> Al A'raf 35 (Translation of the Meaning):
> O ye Children of Adam!
> Whenever there come to you
> <Rasul> from amongst you,
> Rehearsing My Signs unto you -
> Those who are righteous
> And mend (their lives),-
> On them shall be no fear,
> Nor shall they grieve.

I don't know where you got this translation from but I am quoting

"O children of Adam! If messangers of your own come unto you who narrate
unto you my revealations, then whoever refrain from evil and amends,
there shall be no fear com eupon them nor shall they grieve"

In your translation, the word "whenever" is problematic which is easily
manipulated to the advantage of the quadianies and, from my knowledge of
the Quadianies, they certainly will do that .  It by no way refer to any
other future messanger.  Rather it refers to "messanger of your own" for
prophet(pbuh), a human being and children of Adam, and tells that
whoever listens to him has nothing to worry.  The matter of the fact is
that Koran never addresses the Arabs but the "Children of Adam" or
"Mankind".  The whole of Quadianie propaganda is a sheer fraud and

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