[qadianism] Re: Refutation of Qadiani Quotes and Arguments - Gene ral Response
By Irshad @irshad.org

All praise is due to Allah(SWT) and May Peace and Blessing be 
upon Rasulollah(SAW).

> Muzaffar, Ahmad wrote:
> Mr. Irshad
> Your forum is very nice.

Thank you very much for your kind remark, but credit should be 
given to every individual who has participated in the discussion.
Also, please do not refer to it as "my forum", but consider it as
a place where every sincere seeker of the Truth is welcomed to 
share his or her supported evidence, in a reasonable manner.

Our beloved Rasulollah(SAW), who has to be seen as the perfect 
role model by every human being, never shrunk from the opportunity
to engage in discussions with the non-Muslims, even when their 
intentions and methods were less than honest.  Everyone should be
proud to follow his(SAW) living example.

Those individuals who, instead of engaging in an honest search for
the Truth, choose to cover their eyes and ears are only being 
dishonest to their own souls.  After all, if they know to be on the
side of the Right, should they not have the conviction of belief to
stand up and defend their stance based on reasonable evidence?  If
they truly believe to be on the right path, why would they not care
enough about the soul of others and not be eager to share the Truth?
Finally, it is inconceivable that any believer would ever shrink 
from the opportunity to engage in dawa and carry out his or her 
duty of "Enjoining Good" and "Forbidding Evil".

The example of those who who decide to run away from the truth are
those whom Noah(AS) invited to the Truth:

  "And whenever I have called them that Thou mayest forgive 
   them, they put their fingers in their ears, cover themselves
   with their garments, and persist and are puffed up with 
   pride:"   (Holy Quran, Nooh, 71:8)

Arrogance and pride are the two deplorable qualities which led to
the downfall of Satan (May Allah protect the believers from such 
a fate).  Those who, instead of engaging in an honest discussion,
resort to any crucked strategy to defend the way of life they have
inhertied, are committing a sin against their own soul and that of
those who decide to follow them.  In their attempt to protect the
lifestyle they have been born with, in their shortsided desire to 
keep their circle of friends and their comfort zone, they have 
allowed pride and arrogance to take control of their God-given 
faculties.  They may decide to run away from the Truth and enjoin
others to do the same.  But, dear brother, is there escape from 
the ultimate punishment of Allah(SWT)?

As apparent from the following hadeeth, those who turn away from
the Guidance, Evidence, and the believers will only harm 

  "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him 
   peace, was sitting in the mosque with some people when three
   people came in. Two came toward the Messenger of Allah, may
   Allah bless him and grant him peace, and one went away. When
   the two stopped at the assembly of the Messenger of Allah, 
   may Allah bless him and grant him peace, they gave the 
   greeting. One of them saw a gap in the circle and sat in it.
   The other sat down behind the circle. The third turned away
   and left. When the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him 
   and grant him peace, finished, he said, "Shall I tell you 
   about three people? One of them sought shelter with Allah, 
   so Allah gave him shelter. The other was shy, so Allah was 
   shy to him. The other turned away, so Allah turned away from
   him."   (Malik's Muwatta)

On the other hand, there are those who in the name of Allah(SWT),
try to misguide the uninformed and generate wealth for their 
family and close associates.  Since Truth and Knowledge are enemies
of their deception, they try to confuse their followers with speech
irrelevant to divine guidance.  Always fearful that the truth will
be discovered and their empty empire will disintegrate around them,
they are the first to curse, spread hateful speech, and discourage
their followers from engaging in discussion with the believers - 
all the while, claiming not to hate anyone!  

Instead of realizing that the Truth and the Clear decrees of 
Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW) are intended for their own good
and the good of their own family members, they think they are being
personally attacked.  To them, every word, every evidence from the
Book, every reasonable discourse is a threat they have to avoid and
discredit.  Allah(SWT) has already explained the truth about such 
people in His Book, only if they had eyes that would see their own

  "And when you see them (i.e. hypocrites), their persons will 
   please you, and If they speak, you will listen to their speech;
   (they are) as if they were big pieces of wood clad with 
   garments; they think every cry to be against them. They are 
   the enemy, therefore beware of them; may Allah destroy them,
   whence are they turned back?"  
     (Holy Quran, Al-Munafiqoon, 63:4)

May Allah(SWT) open their eyes and show them the truth about this
brief earthly existence.

The believers have been warned to be on the look out against such
misguided opportunists, in the following verse:

   "O you who believe! most surely many of the doctors of law 
    and the anchorites eat away the property of men falsely, 
    and turn (them) from Allah's way..."
       (Holy Quran, Al-Tawba, 9:34)

Finally, Rasulollah(SAW) has warned those who will listen:

   "In the latter days, there will be imposters, liars, who will
    come to you with stories which you have never heard, neither
    you nor your forefathers. Beware then, beware!  Let them not
    lead you astray, nor let them put you into trouble." (Muslim)
May Allah(SWT) protect every lover of Truth from the mischieve

Dear brother, I hope that this forum will provide an environment
where everyone will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and 
discover the Truth.  I know that the mischieve makers and the 
opportunists who will try to discourage people from engaging in a
reasonable and sensible discussion will be disclosed and ignored
by all those who truly are grateful to Allah(SWT) and love 

No doubt, those individuals who sincerely believe in the Day of
Resurrection (always have Hell/Heaven in their forethought) and 
fear Allah(SWT) will receive guidance.  Sadly, the rest will only
endlessly argue about the verses of Allah(SWT) without authority
and based on conjecture.  In truth, they do not wish to be among
the Submitters.  Their pride and resistence to Truth will only 
doom their own soul.

> Can u write some points that were the bases of the religion
> change of Dr.Islail. I need some real points that I can also
> use to weigh my belief in Ahmadyat.

There are many arguments presented in his book.  I will, ensha-
Allah, try to present more of these arguments in the furture, as
time permits.  In the meantime, I hope the following two quotes
will suffice.

First Quote:
I will quote directly from the book:

    In order to buttress their claim about Khatam-un-Nabiyyin, the 
	Ahmadis often quote the mystic Shaikh Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi as
	saying: "The prophethood that was terminated with the person 
	of the Prophet of Allah(SAW) was no other than the Law-bearing
	prophethood, and not prophethood itself."
	(Futuhat al-Makkiyyah, Vol. II, p. 3)
	This quoted statement appears on page 3 of the book which 
	contains over 700 pages.  The book does not stop at the 
	statement concerning the matter of prophethood.
	On the contrary, it explains further at length, covering eleven
	pages, pages 252 to 262 inclusive, in the same volume, the 
	different aspects of the Prophethood.
	He says, among other things, that prophethood exists among both
	animate and inanimate objects.  With regard to human beings, he
	classified the Prophets into two: law-bearing prophets and 
	follower prophets.
	He explains the functions of each category and concludes in
	both cases that, with the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, both
	categories have ceased to appear.
	He says that what would remain for Muslims after Muhammad are
	speculators (Mujtahids) who would strive in their own different
	ways to explain the Shariah to the people according to their
	understanding of it.
	Such Mujtahids, he says, will NOT be called Prophets (Ibn Arabi,
	al-Futuhat al-Makkiyyah, Vol. II, pp. 254 and 255).  This is
	certainly known to the Pakistani Ahmadi missionaries, but they
	hide it from their followers deliberately in order to entrench
	their own false idea on prophethood."
    (Islam versus Ahmadiyya in Nigeria, P.9-91)

Second Quote:
Qadiani leaders and missionaries often present the following 
authority in support of their argument that Prophethood has not
eneded and Messiah will be a Prophet.  I'll quote what they have
often quoted (the quote also appears in Br. Balogun's book):

   Imam Ali Qari (died 1014 Hijra), a towering divine of Hanafi
   section of Muslims says:

   "There is no discrepancy between the two, that he (the Messiah)
    will be a Prophet and a follower of the Holy Prophet(SAW) for 
    the purpose of explaining the commandments of his Sharia, and 
    to strengthen its way, even though he does so through his 
    revelations."  (Mirqat Sharh Miskat, Vol. 5, pg 564)

I am certain most followers of Mirza Tahir will readily recognize
this quote.  This is what Br. Balogun discovered upon researching
the quote.  I'll directly quote his book without any additions:

    This quotation has been extracted from the explanation of the
    hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad had declared that there
    would be no other Prophet after him.

    Indication.  The hadith, which is contained in Mishkat al 
    Masabih, reports that the Messenger of God says to 'Ali:
    "You are in the same position to me as Harun (Aaron) was to
    (capitals mine).  The Mishkat reports also that authentic
    books of Hadith are agreed on this tradition.

    Now, in commenting on this authentic hadith, Imam 'Ali Qari,
    who was deceitfully quoted by Ahmadis, says:

       "In the commentary of Muslim, some scholars say concerning
        his [the Prophet's] statement "Except that there is no 
        Prophet after me," that it is an indication that whenever
        'Isa b. Maryam [Jesus Christ] descends, he will descend as
        one of the arbitrators of this Community inviting people 
        with the law [Shariah] of Muhammad(SAW), and will NOT 
        descend as a Prophet.

       "I say that there is no inconsistency in his being a Prophet 
        and being a follower to our Prophet(SAW) concerning the 
        explanation of the rules of the Shariah and the improvement
        of his way even with revelation to him, as indicated by the
        saying of the Prophet: 'If Moses were alive he would have 
        no choice but to follow me.'

       "That is even though he is described as a Prophet and a 
        Messenger; and in the absence of both of them (prophethood
        and messengership) there will not be any additional 

       "Interpretation.  So, the meaning is that there will not 
        be any new Prophet after him because he is the Seal of 
        all the Prophets that had gone before.

       "In it (the statement) is an allusion that if there were to
        be a Prophet after him, it would have been 'Ali: and it is
        not incompatible with what has clearly been related 
        concerning the right of 'Umar because the decision is 
        hypothetical and suppositional.

       "It is as if he (the Prophet) says: 'If there were to be a 
        Prophet	after me, a group of my Companions would have been
        Prophets; but there is no Prophet after me.'

       "This is the meaning of the Prophet's(SAW) saying: 'If 
        Ibrahim had lived, he would have been a Prophet.'

       "As for the hadith which says: 'The scholars of my 
        Community are like the Israelites' Prophets.", memorizers
        like Zurkashi, Asqalani, Damiri, and Suyuti have clearly 
        said that is has no basis."

    This quotation is from the same book and on the same page
    referred to by the Ahmadiyyah Mission.  That is: 'Ali al-Qari:
    Mirqat al-Mafatih Sharh Mishkat al-Masabih, vol 5, pg 564.
	It is clear from the quotation that the Mission has extracted
	what they thought would support their erroneous view from a
	commentary which, taken together, is explicitly opposed to the
	This is in order to give the impression that the author 
	supports their idea.  In educated circles, such act is an 
	errant distortion of an author's view and thought.
        (ibid, P.92-94)

Dear brother, obviously, a movement whose very leaders and founders
have used such blatantly deceptive methods to misguide the 
uninformed for a hundred years can not be taken seriously nor 
viewed as a divine organization.  Their entire arguments about 
Khatme-Nabuwwat and status of their founders are based on similarly
worthless arguments.  Were it not for the deception, they would 
have no more than a handful of simple-minded and unfortunate people
fall pray to their endless conjecture and empty speech.

Even today, the descendants of those tricked into Qadianism by such
shameless methods are kept convinced and confused with similarly 
deceptive strategies.  As you are well aware, unexposed wood rots
from within; once the core has rotten, no amount of external paint
and beautification can fortify that block: a wise person will 
simply remove and reject that worthless block of wood.

The situation with Qadiani Mission is the same: the ideology and 
method of the movement is corrupt from the root; the leaders try
to confuse their followers with false conjecture, deceptive 
arguments, and worldly speech of "beautiful mosques", "Cable 
Program", and other worldly accomplishments.  But, none of that
can discount the fact that they have used such shameless strategies
to misguide poor souls and program them, so that they will not 
listen to brotherly advise from the believers.

There is no doubt that their worthless and baseless arguments are
in contradition to the clear decrees of Allah(SWT), His Last 
Prophet(SAW), opinion of sahaba(RA), and agreement of ummah.
Obviously, a sincere Muslim would never dare to tell lies and 
ignore divine decree, as Allah(SWT) has said:

  "It is those who believe not in the Signs of Allah, that 
   forge falsehood: it is they who lie!"
      (The Holy Quran, An-Nahl, 16:105)

Once Dr. Balogun had discovered the truth, he knew that the
Movement was not rightly guided.  Alhamdolellah, Br. Balogun had
the faith and prudence to differentiate Truth from Falsehood and
the conviction to prefer Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW) to 
the position, prestige, and life-style he had achieved within the
Organization.  As soon as the truth had become evident, he and 
many others who had heard his warning, abandoned the Mission and
saved their own soul.

It is noteworthy that, no sooner had Dr. Balogun made his public
announcement and exposed the method of the high level Qadiani 
missionaries in a series of newspaper debates, that the Qadiani
Machinary began its campaign of damage control.  In their attempt
to discredit the brother, they made such unproven and unIslamic 
accusations as "he has given up faith under pressure" or "due to
the promise of better position"!

As is the nature of backbiting, every lie, every unfounded 
accusation, led to more lies and hardening of the hearts. Some 
even swore that they had heard him (or his friends) confirm the
accusations!  This is why the brother had to officially state:

   "I could have raised all the points in this article with them
    (e.g. the Pakistani Ahmadi leadership) internally without any
    publicity; but experience has shown that such criticisms will
    automatically earn the critic either a long-term boycott or 
    an outright excommunication. With any of these, no other 
    member will be prepared to listen to him... I have stated my 
    point of view, God is my witness, purely because of my 
    awareness of the responsibility incumbent on me towards my
    fellow Nigerian Muslims in particular, and the world Muslims
    at large. My intention is not to oppose Ahmadiyyah; I have 
    lived in it long enough to have a soft spot for it in my 
    heart. But that notwithstanding, whenever a clash of opinion
    arises between Islam and Ahmadiyyah, it behoves me to 
    declare for Islam without mincing words." (ibid, p.17)

Naturally, this smeare campaign had nothing to do with the issue at
hand.  The falsehood of the Mission had been exposed and verified 
by a number of people.  The unfounded allegations and the attacks, 
on the intentions of the brother to expose the falsehood, were only
intended to confuse the matter and keep the most unfortunate of the
Qadianis entrapped.  But the damage done to the Mission was so great,
that the Mission disbanded and reorganized under the name of "Anwar-
ul-Islam Movement".  Of course, the Mission is very create and, even
as we are communicating, is thinking of what form of excuse and 
damage control they can find escape in.

I hope that many others will come to discover the truth and, in 
humility, submit to the true religion of Allah(SWT) and join the
Ummah of Muhammad(SAW).  All of us should keep in mind the warning
of Allah(SWT):

   "Verily! Those who divide their religion and become sects, you
    have no concern with them in the least. Their case will go to
	Allah, Who then will tell them what they used to do."
    (Holy Quran, An-Anam, 6.159)

Oh you who claim to be in love with the Messenger of Allah(SAW), 
prove your love and loyalty: you are being tested.  Take heed from
divine Guidance and do not follow in the path of the prior nations:

   "Verily! those who disbelieve and turn from the way of Allah and
    oppose the messenger after the guidance hath been manifested 
	unto them, they hurt Allah not a jot, and He will make their
	deeds worthless. 

    O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger, and render
	not your actions vain." (Holy Quran, Muhammad, 47.32-33)

The Messenger of Allah(SAW) has decreed:

   "The chain of Messengers and Prophets has come to an end. There
    shall be no Messenger nor Prophet after me."
    (Tirmidhi, Musnad Ahmad, Anas bin Malik)
May the peace and blessings of Allah(SWT) be upon his last Prophet, 
Muhamamd(SAW), his family, companions, and sincere followers till
the Day of Judgment.

May Allah(SWT) guide the sincere seekers of the Truth to His deen
of Haqq and Submission.  Ameen.

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