[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Concensus of Scholars
By Irshad @irshad.org

All praise is due to Allah(SWT).

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but
Allah(SWT) and I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW) is the 
Messenger of Allah and the last of the Prophets.

> ahmadi_muslim:
> Alhadulelah, I am a true Ahmadi Muslim.  For 100 years we
> have shown evidence rejecting the so-called "Finality of 
> Prophethood", but you have not understood.

It is true that the leaders and administrators of the Qadiani 
Mission have been providing many arguments to discredit the
fundamental doctrine of the Finality of Prophethood for almost
a century.  Unfortunately, these arguments are advanced at 
the cost of ignoring numerous clear decrees of Allah(SWT) and
Rasulollah(SAW) and are solely supported by:

 1. Fabricated or unauthentic ahadeeth;
 2. Misrepresentation of the position of Muslim scholars and 
 3. Claims of worldly accomplishments, which are based on personal
    preferences and opinions, and not divine guidance; and
 4. Deceptive reinterpretation of a few ayat and ahadeeth.

Obviously, sincere believers would care more for the guidance of
Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW) than misleading arguments and
personal conjecture.

For the record, dear friend, Muslim scholars have easily rebuffed
every argument of the Qadiani leadership for 100 years.  As 
Allah(SWT) has said, "the flimsiest of houses is that of the 
spider", and this is the situation with the arguments provided by
Qadiani leadership.  Sadly, instead of realizing the truth about
their condition, every time their argument is refuted, they simply
move on and invent other arguments.  I am afraid that they will
stay in this confused state and will follow the argumentative way
of prior nations until the Day of Judgment.  As Allah(SWT) has 

  "How shall Allah Guide those who reject Faith after they 
   accepted it and bore witness that the Messenger was true and
   that Clear Signs had come unto them? but Allah guides not a
   people unjust." (Holy Quran, 3.86)

Those who seek guidance and consider the evidence, always being
mindful of Allah(SWT) and the teachings of Rasulollah(SAW), can
easily see through the deception and false arguments.  However,
those unfortunate souls, who instead of seeking guidance, desire
to keep their heritage and protect their comfortable net of 
friends and relations will be unable to accept the truth.
> Many great scholars and mugiaddeds had the opinion that 
> prophethood was not finished and disagreed with the mullahs
> who invented this idea. Here are some of these past great 
> scholars, that we Ahmadi Muslims agree with:

I've researched many of the claims Qadiani leaders have been 
falsely attributing to Muslim scholars and personalities. As a 
student, I spent tireless hours in the libraries in Saudi Arabia
and Pakistan and my research bears witness that the arguments of
Qadiani leaders are worthless and deceptive.

No doubt, such arguments was invented and used to misguide the
uninformed.  Sadly now, a century later, the descendants of the
first victims of the Qadiani misinformation campaign are raised
with a blind loyalty to the movement they have been born to. So
much so, that they turn their back on the warnings and teachings
of Rasulollah(SAW), when these contradict what they have been
taught by their leaders.  May Allah(SWT) save the seekers of 
Truth from such a self-destructive and grave sin.

I am afraid that, much like many other individuals born into
an Ahmadi household, you might have been taught such arguments 
since childhood and have accepted them to be accurate without
actual research.  Yet, is it even reasonable to claim, in the 
light of the protection that Muslims have historically rendered
to the Finality of Prophetood, that anyone could have rejected
the Finality of Prophethood without there being a huge outcry?
Don't you find it strange that such a reaction did not take 
place against any of the scholars you quoted?!  Doesn't this
alone show that the quotes are not representative of the opinion
of these individuals?

Let us examine the view of the scholars you have mentioned.

> 1. Hazrat Imam Shaikh Mohiyyiud-Din ibne Arabi, a distinguished
> commentator of the Holy Quran states:
> "From the study and contemplation of the Darud we have arrived
> at the definite conclusion that there shall, from among the 
> Muslims, certainly be persons whose status, in the matter of
> prophethood, shall advance to the level of prophets, if Allah
> pleases. But they shall not be given any book of law."
> (Fatuhati Makiyyah: Vol 1. pg 545)

This is a misrepresentation of the opinion of Shaikh ibne Arabi,
who was a scholar with strong sufi orientation.  The following
quote best represents his position in regard to the Finality of
Prophethood among human beings:

  "Prophethood and Messengerhood are absolutely ended on our
   prophet and Messenger.  There is not anyone who will be 
   appointed a prophet till the day of Judgment."
   (Shara Fususal Hakaha, p. 81)

Imam Abdul Wahhab She'ranni (mentioned in (4) below), a student
of Shaikh ibne Arabi, has quoted his teacher in his book:

  "If anyone claims prophethood (nabuwwat), whether this claim
   approves of the shariah Muhammadia or disapproves of it, if
   he is not underage or insane, we shall kill him; otherwise,
   we shall leave him."
     (Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir, Vol. 2, P. 37)

I hope this makes it clear that neither Shaikh differentiated
between law-bearing and non-lawbearing prophet.  They agreed
with the ummah, that any claimant to prophethood is an unbeliever
and an impostor.

> 2. Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Qasim Nanotovi, the distinguished
> founder of the Deoband Seminary stated:
> "If a prophet appeared after the holy prophet, it would in 
> no way affect his finality."
> (Tahzirunnas, p. 28)

As I recall, this statement has been taken, out of context, from a
passages where the Maulana was discussing the return of Jesus(pbuh)
and not the Finality of Prophethood.  The stated position of 
Maulana Nanotovi(R) with regard to Finality of Prophethood is 
in fact:

  "I have the religion and faith that after Prophet Muhammad(SAW)
   there is no chance of any new prophet.  If someone has any 
   doubt, I believe he has become a kafir."
   (Maghtubat, p. 103)

He too believed in absolute Finality of Prophethood.

> 3. Hazrat Imam Abdul Wahhab She'raani, the reknown scholars,
> wrote:
> "...prophethood has not been abolished and it is only 
> law-bearing prophethood that is abolished."
> (Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir: Vol. 3 pg. 35) 

Imam Abdul Wahhab She'ranni was a student of Shaikh ibne Arabi,
mentioned in point (1), and also a sufi scholar.  His book, 
Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir, consisted mostly of sufi ideas 
attributed to his teacher, Shaikh ibne Arabi, whom we earlier
discovered to support the Finality of Prophethood.

I believe honesty demands that one does not misrepresent the 
opinion of any person by selectively presenting a short part
of a sentence!  It is unfortunate that Qadiani leaders have 
routinely resorted to such an unfitting strategy.

Allow me to quote several passages which accurately state the
opinion of Imam She'ranni(R) with regard to "wahi" and 

  "If anyone claims, 'Allah(SWT) has ordered me anything',
   this is false and rather a satanic trick, because an
   order is a kind of conversation and this door has been
   closed to mankind." 
      (Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir, Vol. 2, P. 38)

  "You are to know that angels will no longer come with
   wahi on the heart that is not the heart of a prophet
   and that angels will not bring a single order of Allah
   for non-prophets, because the shariah is complete. Fard,
   wajeb, macrooh, mandoub, haram, and mabah are all clear
   and therefore, with the ending of prophethood and 
   messengership, the order of Allah is ended and, in the
   creation of Allah, there is no individual who would 
   receive orders of Allah that would be required to be 
   followed by others according to shariah."
      (Futuhaat, Vol. 3, P. 38)

  "Know that on this belief is the ijma of the ummah that 
   hazrat Muhammad(SAW) is the last of Messengers and 
   prophets."  (Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir, Vol. 2, P. 37)

Also, as I quoted before, Imam Abdul Wahhab She'ranni has 
quoted Shaikh Ibn Arabi as having said:

  "If anyone claims prophethood (nabuwwat), whether this 
   claim approves of the shariah Muhammadia or disapproves
   of it, if he is not underage or insane, we shall kill 
   him; otherwise, we shall leave him."
    (Al Yawaaqeetu Wal Jawaahir, Vol. 2, P. 37)

Obviously, this Shaikh also agreed with the Ummah on the Finality
of Prophethood.

> 4. The Muhaddith of Dehli, Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah Muhaddis,
> the great reformer in Islam says:
> "The meaning of the Holy Prophet being the Khataman Nabiyeen 
> is that there shall not now appear a person whom God may 
> appoint with a new Law for mankind, that is to say, there 
> shall be no prophet who shall come with a new Law.' 
> (Tafheemati Ilahiyyah pg. 53) 

The quote, as presented, does a great injustice to the belief of
Hazrat Shah Waliullah(R), who was actually a vocal supporter of the
finality of prophethood.  Obviously, just because, someone might
have said "I think no law-bearing prophet will come", should not
be taken to mean that he has said "I believe new non-lawbearing
prophets will come"!  Yet, this logical fallacy is exactly what
the Qadiani missionaries try to entrap unsuspecting people with.

Kindly, read the following clear quotes to gain an accurate
understanding of hazrat Waliullah(R)'s opinion:

  "Muhammad(SAW) is not the father of any man among you, rather
   he is the Messenger of Allah and he is the seal on prophets,
   meaning after him there shall be no prophet."
      (Fathur-Rahman, Tafseer on Ayah 33.40)

  "I declare that, after the death of the holy prophet(SAW),
   prophethood has ended." 
      (Hujjatullah-ul-Balegah, Vol. 2, P. 506)

  "Know that before the great Dajjal, many dajjals will appear.
   This will be common in every dajjal that, using the name of 
   Allah, they will give invitation to Allah.  Among these 
   impostors, there will be those dajjals who will claim 
   prophethood."  (Tafhamate elahiya, Vol. 2, P. 19)

Honestly, my brother!  Can anyone claim that hazrat Waliullah(R)
agreed with Qadiani leaders that new prophets will be sent to 
humanity and that the fundamental concept of the Finality of 
Prophethood, as support by the holy Quran, authentic ahadeeth,
opinion and action of sahaba(R), and Ijma of Ummah has been 
wrong?  Obviously, not.  But, who can stop those who follow the
example of Christian Missionaries from advancing such deceptive
evidence and arguments?  They will die and receive their just 
reward; I suggest that each of us worry to take care of our own

> is, nauzobelah, God dead that prophethood should finish?
> Why should we not receive the benefit of new prophets and
> guidance?

I propose to you that the continuity of prophethood is not only 
contrary to the teachings of Islam, but also is contra-intuitive.

Firstly, since Allah(SWT) has already told us that the religion
of Islam has been Perfected and Completed, there is no need for
new guidance.  All we need are Mujaddids and scholars who will 
renew the love of deen in people, based on the guidance already 
delivered by the Messenger of Allah(SAW).

Continuity of prophethood is not a blessing for this ummah, as 
you have claimed, but a curse that serves to irreversibly divide
the ummah and lead a part astray.  In fact, every time someone 
has falsely claimed to be a prophet, he has only managed to lead
some unfortunate people away from the straight path and cause
separation from the main body of Muslims.  This was the case with
Musailma kazzab, Bahaullah of Iran, and Mirza Ghulam of India, as
all other such claimants.

It is interesting to note that, subsequent to the death of Mirza
Ghulam, a number of his own close followers and high level Qadianis
claimed to be receiving wahi and being prophets!  The question you
need to ask your leaders is, "if continuity of prophethood is a 
blessing, how come the leaders of Qadiani movement quickly rejected
all these claimants, without even taking the time to investigate
their claims"?

Here are a few of those who were rejected:

1. Yar Muhammad, the teacher of Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, announced he
   was a satellite prophet of Mirza Ghulam.

2. Abdullah Timapuri, referring to some of the "prophecies" of 
   Mirza Ghulam claimed to be a prophet.

3. Nur Ahmad made the exact same claim as Mirza Ghulam, called 
   himself "Apostle of Allah" and "synthesis of all Prophets".

4. Chiraghuddin of Jammu, Muhammad Sadiq Qadiani, and others also 
   claimed prophethood and started splinter groups.

In each case, the Qadiani leadership called them "delusional", 
"sick", "mad", ... and severed their relations with those who
decided to follow these new claimants.

Obviously, even the Qadiani leadership knows that no organization 
can stand, if every opportunist is allowed to misguide a part of 
its membership by claiming to be a prophet.  Dear friend, even 
today, your leaders will quickly reject such claimants. If two of
them were to appear, present the same arguments as Mirza Ghulam,
and promote their own family business under the banner of "True 
Ahamdiyyat", what do you think your leadership would do?

Obviously, the religion Allah(SWT) called Perfected and Completed
can not suffer from such shortcomings.

> I dare you to publish my response the way it appeared and
> may the curse of Allah be upon the liars.

I that hope you will be satisfied with this reply and keep in 
mind that the door of mercy of Allah(SWT) is open to those who
have inadvertently been lead astray, but after receiving the 
message and clear evidence, soon repent and amend their ways.

  "Allah accepts the repentance of those who do evil in
   ignorance and repent soon afterwards; to them will Allah
   turn in mercy: For Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.

   Of no effect is the repentance of those who continue to do
   evil, until death faces one of them, and he to do evil, 
   until death faces one of them, and he says, "Now have I 
   repented indeed;" nor of those who die rejecting Faith: for
   them have We prepared a punishment most grievous."
   (The Holy Quran, An-Nisa, 4.17-18)

Lastly, although Qadiani leaders have routinely cursed those who
disagree with them, I like to advise you not to follower in their
unhealthy manners, without evidence and cause.  Since Allah(SWT) 
has already cursed the liars in the holy Quran, there is no need
for you to do the same. On the contrary, the Messenger of 
Allah(SAW) has told us not to curse anyone, because those who 
curse wrongly will have the curse return upon themselves.

Dear friend, isn't the worst curse already upon those who reject
the clear decree of Allah(SWT) and His last Messenger(SAW) and, 
in a confused state, follow a movement the falsehood of which
has been repeatedly exposed?  Aren't those unfortunate who have 
eyes, but can't see; and have ears, but can't hear?  Aren't those
unfortunate who allow the allures of this word (Cable TV, nice
buildings, etc.) distract them from the clear Word of Allah(SWT)?
For your own sake and that of your family, please keep in mind 
the warnings of Allah(SWT) and do not follow those who have been

  "O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then 
   this present life deceive you, nor let the Chief Deceiver 
   deceive you about Allah."   (Holy Quran, 35.5)

  "It is those who believe not in the Signs of Allah, that 
   forge falsehood: it is they who lie!"
      (Holy Quran, An-Nahl, 16.105)

Your destiny is in your own hands, I hope you do not continue to
commit injustice to your own soul by following in your current 
path.  I hope you prefer the life of the hereafter over the 
current social net you belong to.  Neither one's family, nor 
friends, nor acquaintances, nor Qadiani leaders can save those
who have turned their back to the clear words of Allah(SWT) and
His last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW), from eternal punishment.

May you have the courage to stand up for the Truth.  I suggest you
do not worry about what you have already wasted in support of this
misguided movement.  Until your hour arrives, you have the chance
to repent and amend your ways and know that Allah(SWT) is most 
merciful, but most severe in punishment.

   "Verily, Allah will not deal unjustly with man in the least; 
    It is man that wrongs his own soul."
    (Holy Quran, Yunus, 10.44)
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