[qadianism] Re: A Serious New Development of Contradiction!
By aa3 @axe.humboldt.edu

Mr. Zubair: I do not know from where you got the understanding that the
writer of the mentioned book, considers all prophet have come from Asian
region. It is a fact that Quran mentions only these by name. However, Quran
also says,"We sent messengers to every nation"; this includes north, west,
east and south.

>Assalamu 'alaikum.
>This is a serious question for all Ahmadis all over the world. I have read
>the book "Revelation Rationality Knowledge & Truth" [RRKT] by the present
>Imam of the Ahmadis, as well the book "Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam"
>[POTOI] by the Founder, and there appears to be a glaring contradiction
>between the two books!
>POTOI states that Plato was a mere philosopher who committed the stupid and
>hateful act of sacrificing a rooster before an idol, and that suicide is a
>stupid tendency of the feint-hearted. Whereas mushrrik Plato is given the
>status of a disciple/pupil of Socrates, and the suicidal Socrates granted
>the status of a prophet in RRKT. Yet Socrates did not enjoin Prayer or
>Charity [see Sura al Bayyinah 98:5,6], or make any fulfilled prophecy, or
>show any other sign of Divine support, not to my knowledge anyway.
>Socrates committed suicide when cornered, whereas all true prophets of God
>have prayed God to save them from every distress when they have become
>cornered, even if their entire world has turned against them. True prophets
>die natural deaths, not accursed suicidal ones, and hence Isa ibn Maryam
>a.s. was saved from an accursed death on the cross after he prayed for the
>cup of death to be removed from him.
>And If Plato was indeed his foremost pupil and disciple or Caliph after him,
>then the message of Socrates also died a total spiritual death when Plato
>committed the spiritual suicide of 'shirk', a serious crime that Allah does
>not forgive and a True Caliph can't commit. So if Socrates claimed to have
>been appointed by God via revelation (rather than 'divination's'), then
>there is no doubt about it that he was a typical false prophet according to
>all the scriptural criteria for true prophethood known to me.
>Also, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community states that 'all the prophets
>from the first to the last have appeared in Asia' [Izala Auham, pp. 515-6],
>so how come Socrates is stated in RRKT to be a true prophet of God even
>though he appeared in the West? So, in this conflict between the Founder and
>a Successor of his, whose side will the Ahmadis take? Do Ahmadis consider
>all their Imams to be infallible [ma'soum] like the Shi'as do? Or can
>Ahmadis reconcile the apparently contradictory statements of RRKT with
>POTOI? If so, how??
>Zubair Ahmed.

Abdul Aziz
School of Business & Economics
Humboldt State University

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