[qadianism] Re: A Serious New Development of Contradiction!
By qamar @ahmadiyya.com

Mr. Zubair Ahmed in his posting titled as "A Serious New Development
of Contradiction ! "  has tried to join the group of people who are
now a days trying their best to fulfill their desires to show contradiction
in Ahmadiyyah literature. But, in doing so,  like the others, his
said effort has also proved his own ignorance and shortsightedness.
<P>Argument # 1. Mr. Zubair wrote that&nbsp; "Yet Socrates did not enjoin
Prayer or Charity see Sura al-Bayyinah 98:5,6."
<P>Ans: In the verses quoted above there is no indication towards Socrates
whatsoever. Mr. Zubair can you please clarify that how you have attributed
such baseless claim towards Al-Quran ????
<BR>When Al-Quran has not mentioned him as the one who did not use to say
Prayers and participate in charity , then who told you about this???
<BR>As far as the historical facts are concerned it is reported that he
was : " a patriot and a man of deep religious conviction" Encarta Encyclopedia
<P>Argument # 2. Mr. Zubair wrote that&nbsp; " Socrates committed suicide
when cornered".
<P>Ans: Here, again the author has proved his ignorance or he has intentionally
twisted the facts in order to fulfil his desire to become a hero among
the Non-Ahmadi Muslims by attributing supposed contradictions towards Ahmadiyyah
literature, as normally Mullahs do in order to become heroes and so to
cause increase in their earnings.
<BR>According to the known historical facts Socrates did not commit suicide
rather he was charged with a death penalty. Therefore, one of the popular
Encyclopedia (Encarta 97) state following in said context :
<BR>"Although a patriot and a man of deep religious conviction, Socrates
was nonetheless regarded with suspicion by many of his contemporaries,
who disliked his attitude toward the Athenian state and the established
religion. He was charged in 399 BC with neglecting the gods of the state
and introducing new divinities, a reference to the daemonion, or mystical
inner voice, to which Socrates often referred. He was also charged with
corrupting the morals of the young, leading them away from the principles
of democracy. He was condemned to die. Socrates' friends planned his escape
from prison, but he preferred to comply with the law and DIE FOR HIS CAUSE.
His last day was spent with his friends and admirers, and in the evening
he calmly fulfilled his sentence by drinking a cup of hemlock according
to a customary procedure of execution."
<P>Argument # 3. The author wrote that&nbsp; "&nbsp; True prophets die
natural deaths."
<P>It is true that Prophets never die a cursed death but killing by an
enemy is not a cursed death. The Holy&nbsp; Quran clearly mentioned that
there were some Prophets who were killed by the unbelievers.&nbsp;&nbsp;
In Al-Quran Allah says that " This because they went on rejecting the signs
of Allah and slaying His messengers without just cause" Surah Al-Baqrah
Verse 61.
<P>Argument # 4. The author wrote that&nbsp; " The Founder of the Ahmadiyya
Community states that&nbsp; 'all the prophets from the first to the last
have appeared in Asia' (Izala Auham, pp. 515-6)&nbsp; so how come Socrates
is stated in RRKT to be a true prophet of God even though he appeared in
the West? So, in this conflict between the Founder and a Successor of his,
whose side will the Ahmadis take?"
<P>Ans: The conflict indicated above is totally baseless and it is regretting
to say that as previously mentioned is a result of shortsightedness.&nbsp;
The complete text of Azalah Auham page 515-5 is like this " <B>As if </B>God
has granted the entire religious wisdom to Asia and the entire worldly
wisdom to Europe and America. The line of Prophets from first to last also
remained in Asia's share".
<BR>From the text of "Azalah Auham" above it can not be inferred that according
to Mirza Sahib (A.S) no Prophet had ever appeared outside Asia because
<BR>a) The text begins with "AS IF" and it then states that God has granted
the entire worldly wisdom to Europe &amp; America. It does not mean that
Asia is completely void of worldly wisdom rather, it clearly means that
Europe and America far exceed Asia in worldly wisdom. Similarly, Asia far
exceeds Europe and America in religious wisdom and appearance of Prophets.
<BR>b) Mirza Sahib (A.S) while referring to verse 22 of Surah Fatir has
very very clearly explained&nbsp; his opinion on said issue and has left
no doubt in this regard. Following are just few examples:
<BR>1. " There is no country in which Messenger and Reformer has not appeared."
(Surmah Chashma Aria page 243) .
<BR>2.&nbsp; " God has taught us that there is no population and country
where He has not sent a Prophet" (Haqiqa-tul-Wahi page 291)
<BR>3.&nbsp;&nbsp; " There is no Township and country where Prophets were
not sent" (Baseem-e-Dawat page 61)
<BR>4. " There is no country where admonisher had not sent" Chashma-e-Maarfat
page 86)
<BR>5. " There is no nation where Prophets or Messengers were not sent".
( Pagham-e-Sulah page 5)
<BR>So, it is clear like a bright day that there is no contradiction whatsoever
between Hadhrat Mirza Sahib (A.S) and his successors. Dear brother, it
is ones owns biased intentions and inner contradictions that are reflected
at the time of all Prophets and therefore, all the Prophets are charged
with similar allegations by the unbelievers. Please pray to Allah that
He may guide us all towards right path.
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