[qadianism] Re: I need some answers
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Abdul Aziz wrote:

> But some body saying Christ (AS) spoke when he
> was in cradle, i.e., he was two days old. It is absurd. If it was a
> miracle and naturally it was performed in the presence of Jews of the
> locality then being human they for sure would have accepted Issa (AS) as
> their prophet.

Mr Aziz. you confused me here. Are you accepting his talking in
the cradle as a miracle or are you rejecting it?

>  Look at the miracle of Mirza Sahib,
> even with all the mullahs, the religiously illiterate masses  and their
>  Governments, Ahmadiyyat is flourishing.

Which miracle are you talking about? I request you to be 
specific when you make a statement.

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