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By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr Zaid
One must be very naive to believe your statement that Zafarullah
Khan as a Foreign Minister of Pakistan did not appoint anyone or
was not instrumental in getting his co-religionists into the 
civil/military/foreign services.

Please read the following news carefully:

"On behalf of the Pakistan's Foreign Ministry, the Head of
Public Service Commission, Mr Shahid Suharwardy, is interviewing
those candidates who want to work in our embassies. When this 
news reached Pakistan the newspapers and public showed great 
anger. But the Government of Pakistan did not pay any heed to
it. In the meantime it was revealed that the joint secretary of
Ministry of Foreign affairs is a Jew and 80% of employees of 
Foreign Affairs are foreigners especially British. One British
contemporary reported that Jewish Joint Secretary, Griffith 
Queen, was a registrar in Punjab High Court before partition
but since he was unsuitable for the post, he was removed. 
However after partition fortunes turned and he became the joint
secretary of foreign ministry. Since his subordinates were 
young and less experienced, he became the most trusted officer.
When in Palestine Jews were shedding Arab blood, this trusted 
officer of Pakistani foreign ministry was spending his vacations
in Israel." 
(Guardian as reported in Kauser, Lahore, 27th December 1949)

"In the staff of our Egyptian Embassy, two jewish girls have
been appointed, which has angered the egyptian public and 
newspapers from Pakistan. Before them, the press attache of
Pakistani ambassador was also a Jew." 
(Guardian quoting Kauser, Lahore, 27th Dec 1949)

"Some time back I had the opportunity of visiting the 
Pakistan Embassy in Baghdad. I was surprised to see that the 
propagganda literature of Lahori Qadiani was not only placed 
on official tables but were given more importance than the 
official literature and Qadianiyat was considered as the 
official religion of Pakistan...... This is causing great damage
to Pakistan.  This is not just restricted to Baghdad, whereever 
Qadianis get appointment in the embassy, they use that embassy 
for the propagation of Qadianyat." 
(Letter of Abdur Rehman Shah Wali, residing in Cairo, Asia, 
Lahore, 7th August 1962)

"As Pakistan's permenant representative in UN, Sir 
Zafarullah visited the West Indian Islands and during this
tour, in Trinidad he introduced Mirza Saheb as the Prophet
of the Last days." (Asia, Lahore, 17th Sept. 1962)

"Through such efforts of Sir Zafarullah Khan that in nearly 
40 countries 132 missions are working. One fo the missionis in 
Israel as well. Besides from these different countries, 22 
newpapers and magazine are published and 57 schools are 
working." (AlMinbar, Lahore, 14th July 1967)

Apart from Foreign services, Qadianis also planned to enter 
other Government departments and especially concentrated on 
incresing their influence in the Armed Forces. Qadiani Khalifa
clearly instructed his followers that:

"If we imagine 100,000 Ahmadis in Pakistan, 9000 Ahmadis 
should enter the army... army training is absolutely essential.
Unless you get trained in army how will you work." 
(AlFazl 11th April 1950)

Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan wrote:

> Mr Syed Rachid,
> You not only plagiarise but you are a full fledged LIAR. Sir Z. Khan as
> Minister of Foreign Affairs had nothing to do with nominations in the Civil
> Service. It was only the Public Service Commission which had the ability
> to appoint the members of the diplomatic services and other key positions
> in the Civil Service. As Minister Sir Z. Khan had the absolute authority

You are right. Absolute authority! But what about other means.
Don't tell me you do not know how else people get appointments.
There was a time immediately after the Independence, Qadianis 
had become so strong that they or their sympathisers were given
priorities in appointments and rapid promotions in Government 

> to
> make only  TWO (2) nominations...that of his Private Secretary and his
> Personal Secretary...and during his whole career as Minister these 2
> persons were non Ahmadis. For God sake has some dignity, be honest and stop

I do not have to lie, facts are facts for anyone to see except
those who are blinded. If you need more, I can supply plenty 
of them. Whether you believe it or not, that is your problem.




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