[qadianism] Re: Refutation of Qadiani Quotes and Arguments - Gene ral Response
By Abdul Aziz @axe.humboldt.edu

I am an Ahmadi Muslim (Alhamdolillah). I have requested non-Ahmadi Muslims
to talk with me. I am not afraid, because Allah (SWA) says that truth
smashes falsehood. If Mr. Irshad's idea that Ahmadis are afraid of
discussing their beliefs with non-Ahmadis, then I should have or my
leaders would have told me to remain aloof. You know what: the non-Ahmadi
imam advised the non-Ahmadis to remain away otherwise they will be
entrapped. I give you another proof that it is not the Ahmadis who are
afraid to debate or discuss their beliefs. A number of non-Ahmadi ulema,
in Pakistan, have forceably removed the MTA receivers fearing that
non-Ahmadi neighbors will join the Ahmadiyya movement. Think who is

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