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Surely you jest.

There are numerous prophecies showing the advent of various prophets,
especially Rasulullah (S.A.W.)

The Bible is full of accounts of how the Yahudi petitoned Allah for prophets
whenever they departed from the religion - which was quite frequently.

The point is that you have no evidence whatsoever showing us that we are
commanded to believe in mirza.

There is no command from Allah telling us to await a non-message bearing
prophet; no hadith of Rasulullah (S.A.W.) ordering us to await such a
person; mirza does not meet the qualifications for either of the two persons
who we do know will come - the Mahdi and Isa (A.S.).  

We know from the best of recorded hadith - the Prophet's Last Sermon -
witnessed by thousands, not just by a handful of people, that "no prophet
will come after me" and it is your responsibility to  show overwhelming
evidence to the contrary or give up your new Qadiani Religion. The point of
my post was that you have no evidence such as would logically exist if your
viewpoint was correct. Surely, the Muslims would have appealed for another
prophet if this was allowed to them - but they didn't.

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> > I trust that my recent posts on Isa (A.S.) clarifies that Mirza could
not possibly be identified as the second coming of Isa, because Mirza does
not meet the qualifications.
> If we had internet at the time of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace 
> and blessings of Allah be on him) the Meccans might have posted
> the same message ...
> Wasalam.

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