[qadianism] Liar Syed Rachid
By Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan @intnet.mu

> > [With the Independence of Pakistan, Ahmadiyya Movement regained new life
> > under the patronage of Sir Zafarullah Khan, the 1st Foreign Minister of
> > this newly founded country. Taking advantage of the chaotic situations, he
> > filled the Civil, Foreign, Judicial and Military Services with Qadiani
> > followers. Every Pakistan Foreign Post in various parts of the world
> > effectively served as a Qadiani base and at the expense of Government of
> > Pakistan, missionary centres were established in different countries.  Rapid
> > promotions were given to those who converted to Qadianism or were Qadiani
> > sympathisers.  Syed Rachid]

Mr Syed Rachid,
You not only plagiarise but you are a full fledged LIAR. Sir Z. Khan as
Minister of Foreign Affairs had nothing to do with nominations in the Civil
Service. It was only the Public Service Commission which had the ability
to appoint the members of the diplomatic services and other key positions
in the Civil Service. As Minister Sir Z. Khan had the absolute authority to
make only  TWO (2) nominations...that of his Private Secretary and his
Personal Secretary...and during his whole career as Minister these 2
persons were non Ahmadis. For God sake has some dignity, be honest and stop

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