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Dr. Rashid: Don't worry that I am holding on to the last straw.
If you are a true Muslim then answer my question. I referred 
you to verse 35 of sura Al Araaf. Tell me your interpretation.
Based on this verse, I claim that  there can be one or more than
one ummati prophets after Prophet Muhammad (SAS). I wait for your
response though I know you your arguments are based more on 
heresay than on Quran.

>Mr Abdul Aziz
>I think you are looking for straws to keep your doctrine of continuing
>prophethood after Rasoolullah SAAW afloat.
>Br Irshad and myself had recently pointed a basic flaw in this argument. On
>the one hand Mirza Ghulam has made all of you believe that prophethood in some
>form continues after the Holy Prophet SAAW and yet at the same time he says
>that he is the last light and the last way among all the lights and ways to
>Allah. On another occasion, he considers himself to be the person mentioned in
>the Hadith of Rasoolullah whereby He mentioned that how can such an ummah be
>led astray at whose begining is Rasoolullah and at the end is Eisa Ibne
>Maryam. (au kamaa qaal)
>Don't you think that this contradicts the doctrine of continuing prophethood?
>It seems to me that Mirza Ghulam has simply stolen the title of Finality from
>Rasoolullah and applied on himself.
>Abdul Aziz wrote:
>> Dear non-Ahmadis (particularly Dr. Rashid): No body has answered to me
>> question I posted about a week ago. I repeat. If Muhammad (SAS) is the
>> last in time prophet then how do you explain the cerse 35 of sura Al
>> Araaf?
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