[qadianism] Re: A few Administrative Words
By Irshad @irshad.org

In the Name of Allah(SWT) and may Peace and Blessings be 
upon Rasulollah(SAW).

Dear friends,

Alhamdulellah, our discussion forum has been a great success, 
perhaps far greater than we had expected.  I like to extend my 
appreciation to all those who have participated in the exchanges
hoping to discover the Truth.  May Allah(SWT) shower His 
mercy and guidance upon all those who are humble and willing
to Submit to the decrees of Allah(SWT) and His Last Prophet,
Muhammad(SAW), when the Truth is delivered.

In the last month alone, we have had 79 regular E-Mail subscribers
(12 Muslim, 67 Ahmadi/Qadiani) and have received 813 visits from
non-subscribers.  There is hope that this forum provides a medium
where every sincere seekers of the Truth will be able to discuss the 
issue of The Finality of Prophethood and Islam versus Qadianism,
based on actual evidence.

I like to reiterate the stated policy of this forum:

      1. The postings should deal with the stated purpose of this 
          discussion group;
      2. The postings should adhere to a standard of speech and 
          conduct becoming of those who claim to believe in 
          Allah(SWT) and the Day of Judgment;
      3. Please also refer to my posting of Sun Fed 7, 1998 for 
          further detail about our stated policy: 

It is unfortunate, but expected, that a few individuals have done
their best to divert us from our stated purpose of engaging in a
friendly discussion to discover the Truth.  In their selfish desire
to defend the movement they have been born in and, perhaps,
protect their job, position, prestige, or memory of their fathers,

     1. Have made unsupported claims and refused to provide 
         references for their statements;
     2. Have avoided replying to follow up questions and ran away
         from the issues by claiming the answers have been provided
     3. Have resorted to name calling, abusive and vulgar language,
         and personal attacks;
     4. Have accused us to have set up this forum as an act of 
         terrorism to humiliate them and the religion of their fathers.

This kind of behavior is not becoming of a believer and will not 
be tolerated on our forum.  Sadly, today, I had to reject 15 
messages from several individuals (fortunately none were Muslim)
who had replied to our recent postings with increasingly hostile, 
abusive language, and slander.  I need not point out that such 
activities are unIslamic and go against our stated policy.

Those unfortunate souls who, instead of searching for the Truth,
resort to such unbecoming acts, have already earned the sin for 
their action.  I advise them to remember that their every act, 
word, and claim is being recorded and will be held against them
on the Day of Judgment.  In the meanwhile, I have done my duty
and blocked their abusive postings from being distributed to our
membership.  I hope everyone appreciates my position, before 

I also like to advise the participants of this forum only to reply to
postings originated from us.  In case the original poster has CCed
them a copy directly, please do not submit a reply, until and only 
if we approve the message.  This will avoid all kind of confusion.

Finally, to get a handle on the number of E-Mails distributed 
everyday (sorry for the large number sent out today), I may block
E-Mails which are repetitions of what has already been posted or 
those articles which provide no evidence (from Islam, Qadianism,
or Historical sources) in support of their content.  As Allah(SWT)
has said: Bring your proof, if you are truthful.

Finally, there have been those who have tried to use this forum as
a vehicle to distribute their notices of various upcoming events, 
irrelevant web sites, and literature.  Needless to say, all such 
postings are rejected without further consideration.

Thank you.

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